“Tickle, Tickle, Tickle”

We got to spend lots of time with Emma’s Great-Aunt Judy and Great-Uncle Ron (my dad’s sister and brother) over the holiday break.  I love this series of pictures.  Judy was trying to teach Emma how to sneak up on Ron and tickle him. :)  Emma was SO nervous to do it but wanted to SO badly.  She finally did work up the nerve to tickly him very lightly.  So cute.






Ron and his girlfriend Christi gave Emma the movie “Cars” and a Zhu Zhu pet for Christmas.  She loved both gifts.  For those that don’t know, the Zhu Zhu pet was a really ‘hot item’ for kids of all ages this Christmas season.  It’s a little hamster that makes noises and runs around.  Emma treats it like a real live animal of course.  Here she is with “Hammy” (she named him.)


Can you see Hammy?  He’s white and blends in with her white shirt. :)IMG_5610




“Hammy” loves going for stroller rides:IMG_5703

Thank you Judy, Ron, and Christi for spoiling our kids this Christmas.  We love you all very much!

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