“Goin’ to Nanas”

When I was little, I had a suitcase that had “Goin’ to Grandma’s” written on it.  I thought it was SO cool to be able to pack it up to go to my Grandma’s house to spend the night for any amount of time.

Lucky for Emma, she got to spend the night with Nana last Wednesday night!  It was a freezing cold night and Nana’s school announced that they would be closed on Thursday due to the dangerous wind chills.  Since Mom wasn’t going to have school the next day she offered to have Emma over for the night.  Of course we missed Emma but I have to admit that it was nice to be able to clean the entire house, take a hot bath, and have some one-on-one time with Foster.  I was super excited to see Emma the next morning though.

Here is Emma packing up to head to Nana’s house.  She got this leopard print suitcase from Robin and me for Christmas.

She looks forward to packing to go to Gigi and Pops house this weekend!




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