Meeting Sweet Lylah Belle

Our newest niece, Lylah Belle, was born on January 6th with a full head of the most beautiful auburn red hair you’ve ever seen.  I didn’t get a picture of Craig, Fallon, and Lylah together but here are a few of Lylah!

Lylah Belle:IMG_6113

Lylah loved gazing at her Uncle Robin:IMG_6150

Gigi and Lylah:IMG_6135

Pops and Lylah- notice she is asleep on his shoulder: IMG_6263

Crystal, Gigi, Lylah, Robin, and Emma:IMG_6249

All 4 cousins from youngest to oldest: Lylah (10 days), Foster (2 months), Zane (4 1/2 months), and Emma (3 years):IMG_6272

Lylah and Foster:IMG_6278

Lylah is already beating up on the boys!IMG_6281

It is safe to say that Pops and Gigis’ “Cups Overfloweth!”IMG_6299

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