Fun with the Ha’s

Our good friends, John and Susan Ha, came over with their kiddos on Friday night to hang out and eat Lanna Thai- this is “our restaurant.”  Our girls are very close in age and love to play together.  They played in EVERY room in the house with EVERY toy.  Dress up was the main game for the night.  They came up with some pretty hilarious outfits and I’m really wishing I had gotten some pictures of their fashion shows. This picture is kind of blurry but it’s the only one I took of the girls!


Their baby boy, Jax is almost 6 months old, about 4 months older than Foster.  Here he is patting Foster on the head as if to say, “Don’t worry buddy, I’ll teach you everything you need to know!”


This picture cracks me up.  Foster was really fussy for about 15 minutes while they were at our house.  Here the dads are trying to calm him down.  Robin is holding Foster on his forearm while John is swinging party beads back and forth as if to hypnotize Foster.  Nice.  I believe they also tried singing and dancing. 


“Goin’ to Nanas”

When I was little, I had a suitcase that had “Goin’ to Grandma’s” written on it.  I thought it was SO cool to be able to pack it up to go to my Grandma’s house to spend the night for any amount of time.

Lucky for Emma, she got to spend the night with Nana last Wednesday night!  It was a freezing cold night and Nana’s school announced that they would be closed on Thursday due to the dangerous wind chills.  Since Mom wasn’t going to have school the next day she offered to have Emma over for the night.  Of course we missed Emma but I have to admit that it was nice to be able to clean the entire house, take a hot bath, and have some one-on-one time with Foster.  I was super excited to see Emma the next morning though.

Here is Emma packing up to head to Nana’s house.  She got this leopard print suitcase from Robin and me for Christmas.

She looks forward to packing to go to Gigi and Pops house this weekend!




Male Bonding over a Dallas Cowboys Game

Robin wants to make absolutely sure that Foster grows up to be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Baylor Bears, and San Antonio Spurs.  Mommy is also going to make sure that he is an Oklahoma Sooner fan.  (Some say that the Baylor Bears and OU Sooners are a conflict of interest, but I think it’s possible to cheer for both of them, I know from experience.)

Here are some pictures of Robin and Foster “watching” the recent Dallas Cowboys game together.  Robin has his Romo jersey on in case you can’t see it.

I think Robin may be posing in this picture, not sure!IMG_5671


The Cowboys were winning by so much Foster finally decided to go to sleep…IMG_5684

“Tickle, Tickle, Tickle”

We got to spend lots of time with Emma’s Great-Aunt Judy and Great-Uncle Ron (my dad’s sister and brother) over the holiday break.  I love this series of pictures.  Judy was trying to teach Emma how to sneak up on Ron and tickle him. :)  Emma was SO nervous to do it but wanted to SO badly.  She finally did work up the nerve to tickly him very lightly.  So cute.






Ron and his girlfriend Christi gave Emma the movie “Cars” and a Zhu Zhu pet for Christmas.  She loved both gifts.  For those that don’t know, the Zhu Zhu pet was a really ‘hot item’ for kids of all ages this Christmas season.  It’s a little hamster that makes noises and runs around.  Emma treats it like a real live animal of course.  Here she is with “Hammy” (she named him.)


Can you see Hammy?  He’s white and blends in with her white shirt. :)IMG_5610




“Hammy” loves going for stroller rides:IMG_5703

Thank you Judy, Ron, and Christi for spoiling our kids this Christmas.  We love you all very much!

Great-Grandmom and Great-Granddad

Robin’s Grandmom and Granddad made a quick stop by our house on December 29th on their drive home from Arkansas to Lubbock, TX.  We were so glad that they could stop by and meet Foster for the first time.  They couldn’t stay long because the 2nd snow storm was just passing through Oklahoma and they wanted to try to miss the worst of it. Here are a few pictures from their visit:






 IMG_5477 IMG_5484

Even though they were only here for about an hour, it was just enough time for Emma to entertain them by dressing up in her new dress-up outfit and measure a bunch of things around the house with daddy’s tape measure.  I’m not sure how this all came about. :)


Days after Christmas

When we finally were able to come home after a snowed-in Christmas at my mom’s house, Emma kept saying things like, “What are we doing next?” and “Who’s coming over tonight?”  The days following Christmas can kind of be a let down, huh?  We keep telling her that we’ll see the rest of our family in a couple of weeks for another Christmas celebration…and then it will only be like 350 days until NEXT Christmas!  It’s kind of hard for a toddler to understand that though. :)

We’ve kept very busy the last few days playing with all of Emma’s new toys and hanging out with my mom while she’s been off work.

Mom took this picture below of all 4 of us on the couch watching the movie “Up”… Emma loved it and requested to watch it again the next day. 


Emma and Foster hangin’ outIMG_5430

Painting with her new Dora paints and paint book:IMG_5443


Family Pictures

I just realized that I never posted our family pictures.  We actually had them taken on December 2nd when Foster was 2 weeks old but I didn’t post them because I didn’t want to spoil our Christmas card. :)  Hopefully those of you reading our blog received a Christmas card in the mail… if not, please know that we cherish each and every one of your friendships and are so glad that you visit our blog.  If I could send a Christmas card to everyone, I definitely would!

We went to Sears to have these pictures taken.  It was a freezing cold night and Emma was very tired.  She did not choose to nap on picture day. :(  However, I was pleased that we got a few good family photos.

I definitely look like I just had a baby but hey, it’s good to capture ALL of the moments, right?








Christmas Afternoon

After opening gifts all morning we had a very yummy lunch.  Ham with cherry sauce is our tradition on Christmas Day and it was great again this year.  After dinner, Nana helped Emma snuff (is that a word?) out the candles.  We told her that she can only do this when an adult is helping her.  She sure felt like a big girl!



After lunch it was snow time!!!

What a special gift to have beautiful snow to play in on Christmas Day!  Foster and Mommy stayed inside Nana’s house by the fire and watched out the window while Emma, Nana, Brandon, and Robin played in the snow. 



Emma loved walking in the deep snow! IMG_5320edit

Emma, Nana, and Brandon made a snowman using items from Nana’s garage and kitchen as accessories.   IMG_5349edit


Making a snow angel…IMG_5370edit

Snowball fight with Uncle B…


Emma was very giddy on Christmas Day night… she was very very silly!  Here she is eating a bedtime snack (ham and cottage cheese!)IMG_5392



Judy cuddling with Foster:



Uncle Brandon reading to Emma before bed:


We had a wonderful Christmas with my family and our Christmas celebrations aren’t over yet!  We plan to go to Texas in a week or so after Robin’s brother and wife have their baby girl.  We will all get together to celebrate Lylah Belle’s birth and a belated Christmas.  We can’t wait to meet Lylah and have a Curry Christmas.