The Kreys Meet Foster


On our way to Dripping Springs we made a quick pit stop in Waco to see our good friends, the Kreys.  (Disclaimer: to my other good friends in Waco (Kylie and Meg), please know that I would have loved to have been able to see you all and your beautiful babies too, but we had such a short amount of time, it just wasn’t possible.  We do plan to come to Homecoming this year and I would LOVE to see you all!!!)

Conner and Robin have been best friends since forever ago and Kathy and I became good friends in college.  Since marriage, we have taken several very fun vacations together including a ski trip to Colorado, a trip to New York, and our most recent beach trip to Galveston.

Conner and Kathy have the most precious twin boys, Oliver and Elliott, who are 3 1/2 year old.  They are so adorable and were so sweet to Emma.  They even let her play with their cars.

By the way, Kathy is a super talented photographer.  She took the beach pictures that play on the slideshow at the top of our blog.  She recently started a photography business in the Waco , Austin, and DFW areas.  Please visit her site here to see her work.  I highly recommend her.


Conner and Foster:IMG_6082

Elliott kissing Foster:IMG_6091

Oliver, Emma, and Elliott:IMG_6095

Adding Foster to the picture…IMG_6104

Robin and Conner exchanging a ‘dap’: 


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