Who’s Who?

It is really uncanny how much Foster reminds me of Emma.  Sometimes I look at him and think that he IS Emma.  Robin agrees with me.  From the minute Foster was born Robin and I both said that they were spitting images of each other.  Some friends and family members don’t see it though.  Here are a few pictures for comparison.  I had difficulty finding exact poses which would make it easier to see.  Can you tell who is who??? Of course, you might be able to tell by the clothes they are wearing or the bow in their hair!  Putting these pictures side by side helped me realize their differences.  They have different shaped heads and one had more hair than the other. :)

Foster at 1 day old:IMG_2304                                                                                                Emma at 1 day old:IMG_3992

Foster smiling with tongue out:                                                              Emma smiling with tongue sticking out:IMG_5821                 IMG_0012

Foster sleeping with left arm up:                                                          Emma sleeping with left arm up:IMG_3921                 IMG_0047                 

Foster at 6 weeks:                                                                                                Emma at 6 weeks:IMG_4344            6weeks3

What do you think???

3 thoughts on “Who’s Who?

  1. SERIOUSLY…SO much alike. That is the first thing Scott and I said when we saw his picture. It’s crazy!! One this is sure…you guys make BEAUTIFUL babies ;).

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