My Sweet Valentines!


We had a wonderful 1st Valentine’s Day as a family of FOUR!  Emma and Daddy went to church this morning while Mommy and Foster stayed at home and held down the fort.  I haven’t been feeling great the last couple of days so I decided to try to rest and recover.  My first day back at work in the NICU was Friday evening from 3pm-11pm and it kind of wore me out!  

This afternoon we just hung out and took some pictures (see below.)  Tonight we were so blessed to have my mom, “Nana”, and my aunt, “Aunt Judy” come babysit our two kiddos so that we could go on a date for Valentine’s Day.  We went to McGill’s and had a wonderful dinner (courtesy of my Uncle Ron and his girlfriend Christi who gave us a gift card for Christmas!)  Steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and yummy chocolate dessert- now THAT is the way to my HEART!!! :)  Robin and I had a great time celebrating our 11th Valentine’s Day together.  He is such a wonderful husband and father and I feel so lucky to be his wife.

Here are some pictures of Emma and Foster taken on Valentine’s Day.  The heart blanket they are laying on was made by Robin’s Grandmom when Emma was born- isn’t it perfect for these pictures?



I love the rolls on Foster’s legs in this picture!!!


This is Emma right before she went to her Valentine’s Day party at school on Thursday- she was SO excited!IMG_6865


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Curry family!

Princess Birthday Party

Emma was invited to a very fun Princess Birthday party for her friend, Chloe who just turned 4 years old.  The girls were invited to wear a princess dress to the party and Emma decided to wear an adorable Snow White dress that she got for her Birthday from her good friend, Aubrey.  Emma was pretty shy for the first half of the party but she did finally warm up and dance with the other princesses.






Cute Puppy Outfit

Ok… am I the only crazy momma who thinks that boy clothes are JUST as cute as girl clothes… maybe even cuter?  I mean, I can hardly stand seeing Foster in a teeny tiny polo shirt and jeans, or what about a tiny sweater vest that fits an 11 pound baby?  ADORABLE!

Yesterday I had an outfit on him that I thought was pretty cute so I decided to take a couple of pictures because I’m afraid he is already outgrowing it.  The outfit was corduroy puppy overalls with cargo pant pockets and a pocket on his left sleeve… and daddy thought it would be funny to put little items in his pocket.  Like babies really NEED pockets???



Foster and Nana

We are very lucky to have Nana living just 2 miles from our house.  She has come to my rescue several times within the past 12 weeks… when we just need an extra set of hands to hold a fussy baby, feed a fussy baby, dance with a 3 year old, let mommy take a shower, babysit so we can go on a date, etc.  She truly has been a lifesaver!  I feel very blessed to have her so close and never want to take her for granted.  I think I’m correct in saying that she kind of enjoys spending time with the kiddos too so it works out nicely for everyone.  :)

Here is Nana getting some big smiles from Foster.  Emma joined in after a couple of minutes…






Emma Feeding Foster

Emma is such a helper with baby Foster (most of the time!)  She loves to help me change his diaper and she really loves to hold the bottle when he eats.  Obviously, I supervise her very closely.  Sometimes I have to help her readjust the bottle but for the most part she does a pretty good job.  I love the last picture where it looks like she is showing Foster how to open his mouth. 





I think it’s so cool that we had 3 babies within about a 4 1/2 month time period on the Curry side of the family.  I have a feeling those babies are gonna grow up being very close to one another… and Emma will be the bossy mother hen! 

When we all got together for Christmas I took footprints of the 3 babies that were born around Christmas time.  I then framed them for each of the parents.  My frame was a little bit different than the ones I sent to the other parents because I’ve had this one at home waiting to find a use for it and I finally found a use! 


Well Check-Ups for Both Kiddos


We went to Dr. Raley’s office on January 27th for well check-ups for both Emma and Foster.  This was Emma’s 3 year old check-up and Foster’s 2 month old check-up.  Initially, I thought that it would be very convenient to have both check-ups at the same time… WOW it is tough having two kiddos receive shots at the same appointment!  Luckily, Emma just needed one shot and she was very brave after she got the shot but the anticipation right before the shot was heartbreaking.  Thankfully, Robin was able to go to the appointment with me.  I could not have gotten them both undressed, dressed, weighed, consoled, etc. by myself.  I know a lot of moms do it on their own and I admire them very much.  You’d think that being a nurse might help, but it doesn’t!  It’s so different when it’s your own kiddos. :)

Just a quick plug for Dr. Brian Raley…One of these days I am going to get a photo of the kids WITH Dr. Raley.  We have gone to him since Emma was born.  His office is extremely efficient- the MOST efficient Dr.’s office I’ve ever been to.  We’ve never waited longer than about 10-15 minutes before seeing him (usually less.)  He’s very smart and always on the cutting-edge of medicine and technology.  He’s about a 5 minute drive from our home which is also very nice.  His nurses are awesome also which is a big plus for me.  Within the past month he has started doing home visits for well check-ups for babies- how cool is that?  It didn’t work out for us at Foster’s last visit because Emma has school on Thursday when he does home visits.  Maybe next time though.  Dr. Raley also has a blog which you can find here.  We love it that he posts current health information regarding things he is seeing in his office, in the news, etc.  It also just helps us get to know him better as a person. 


Here are the kids’ stats:

Emma at 3 years weighed 27 lbs which puts her in the 12th percentile!  She was 37 inches for height which is the 43rd percentile. 

Foster at 2 months weighed 12 pounds 12 ounces, 63rd percentile.  He was 25 1/3 inches which is greater than 97th percentile for height… maybe we have a basketball player on our hands???  Daddy would like that.

By the way, below is a picture that Dr. Raley took at Emma’s 2 month visit (I think she was almost 3 months here) and posted on his blog.  He thought it was hilarious that Robin hooked a pacifier to his belt loop.  He thought we should patent that idea to create a paci belt-loop holder for dads.