3 month old Curry babies…

Just another quick comparison photo post… Man, there are sometimes I look at Foster and I think that it’s Emma all over again.  They have some of the exact same mannerisms, smiles, and laughs.  HOWEVER, as Foster gets older, they are looking more and more different.  I took Foster to get some 3 month pictures a couple of weeks ago.  Foster is on the left and Emma’s 3 month pictures are on the right (obviously, he is not the one with the bow!)  I think it fascinating to watch these two grow and change on a daily basis.  They mean the world to me!

scan0001 s41151ca117937_11

scan0002 s41151ca117937_9edit

I also wanted to post these two graphs below (because I’m a nerdy nurse who loves charts and graphs!)   There is a great website called “My Birthcare” where you can keep track of your kids’ weight and height.  Foster is in blue, Emma is in pink.  She started off pretty big but quickly slowed down and is now very petite.  I have a feeling Foster is going to be a chunky monkey… just another difference between siblings. :)


image image

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