3 Years and 3 months


Emma is really growing up.  I mean, she’s been growing up every day of her life but this past month has been really huge for her…  No one told me that 3 years and 3 months was such a dramatic stage… maybe it’s just Emma. 

First and foremost Emma is finally POTTY TRAINED! 


I’ll spare you the details about how this took place but let’s just say that it was pretty much Emma’s idea and after reading about 4 potty training books and 20 hours of on-line potty training research, Emma did not respond to any of the suggested potty training techniques.  She did not respond to big rewards, parental affirmation, rigid routine, consistency, inconsistency, modeling, peer pressure, praise, videos, books, etc.  Nope, Emma’s method was more like, “Leave me alone about going to the potty, I’ll decide when I’M ready to go, don’t make a big deal about it (except sometimes, please DO make a big deal about it), I don’t care if all of my other friends have been wearing panties for a year now, let me try when I want to, stay with me in the bathroom sometimes but leave me completely alone other times, I’ll figure it out in my own way!”  Emma has never done anything by the book, I’m not sure why I expected potty training to be any different?!

Our Pediatrician advised us not to push Emma… to let her guide the training.  He said he has never had a patient in his practice turn 4 before being trained so we were banking on the fact that Emma would not be the first!!!  (And we were also praying that she would be closer to 3 than 4!)

We casually tackled potty training over Spring Break and by Monday following Spring Break she was staying dry all day.  Today she went to school all day in Elmo panties and stayed dry all day.  I almost burst into tears when her teachers told me! 

She is the last person in her class to be potty trained and her teachers were so proud of her… and I was too as you can imagine.  The hilarious thing was that Emma acted like it was no big deal- like it’s something she’s been doing for years. 

Another funny story on this note… on the way to school yesterday I said, “Emma, do you want to tell Miss Susie (her teacher) your big news or do you want me to tell her?”  She said, “I’ll tell her.”  I said, “Great, practice what you’ll say to her.”  She said, “Miss Susie, I got new shoes!!!”  She did get new shoes over Spring Break but I was referring to the POTTY TRAINING being the big news.  Funny how we are on such different pages sometimes!

Another huge change for Emma… she seems to be coming out of her shell a little bit.  On 3 different occasions in the last week my mom or I have taken Emma to the park to play and she has been a “new girl!”  Rather than sitting right by us on the bench, she immediately runs with all of the other kids, runs to the highest point of the jungle gym, takes risks, meets new people.  WHO IS THIS GIRL???

Here is a picture of the play gym at the Jenks park.  I took her there several times last year and the MOST she would do was get about 2 feet from this apparatus and look at it.  Even when I tried to go with her on the stairs, she was timid.  Yesterday I took her there to celebrate her potty training achievement and she immediately climbed to the highest point and went down the biggest slide!!! 


So… 3 years and 3 months is proving to be a pretty big milestone for Emma. 

Emma… I’m so proud of your recent accomplishments.  Mommy loves you so much.   I love it that you don’t do anything by the book.  I can’t wait to see what other tricks you have up your sleeve for us in the coming years. 


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