Art Line

I have been searching for creative ways to display and store kids’ artwork.  Emma LOVES arts and crafts.  She loves to explain her artwork to me when I pick her up from school.  I can’t stand to throw any of them away or just put them in a shoebox up in the closet.

I saw this idea on a blog recently and decided to give it a whirl… We have a hallway adjacent to the kitchen that is somewhat hidden from plain view but we still walk by daily.  I thought that would be a good place to display Emma’s artwork.  Robin hung the art line up this weekend and I really like the way it turned out.  Emma LOVES it.  She walks by it several times a day and talks about each picture.  I plan to rotate the pictures frequently.  I write the date on the back of each picture when she brings it home.  I have a huge storage accordion art folder where I will keep the extra special pieces of art long-term.


These are a few of my favorites (I love all of the art that includes her handprints- there is just something special about your own child’s handprints.  It’s neat to watch how much her hands grow over the span of 1 school year!)


Emma loved this apple art… they used actual apples (that were halved) and stamped them in paint.  



Emma’s name spelled out of mini marshmallows… Koby has tried to eat this one off of the wall a couple of times.




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