Build-A-Bear Birthday Party

Emma’s sweet friend, Kinley, from church invited her to her very fun 3rd Birthday Party at Build-A-Bear.  This was Emma’s first time to go to Build-A-Bear and she loved it!  It was a very neat place to have a Birthday party.  (this was also Robin’s first day at his new job so the party gave us something really fun to do for our first day without daddy!)

Of course, it took quite a while for Emma to warm up… she was very timid and was not willing to step on the pedal to put the stuffing in her new puppy- mommy had to do that for her.  Maybe next time she’ll be ready to do that part herself.

Emma chose to make a stuffed brown puppy and she named him “Buster.”  (I helped with the name.)

Can you tell that she is timid here?  (she puts her hands in her mouth when she is nervous)IMG_7287

Emma with Katelyn and KinleyIMG_7295

Right after she selected her puppy… love at first site!IMG_7308

Mackenzie and Emma giving their animals a bath: (love Emma’s foot in this picture- such sass!)IMG_7330


Emma, Katelyn, and Kinley with their animals…IMG_7352

Emma and her new puppy in his house…IMG_7369

Foster attended the party also and had a great time hanging out in his stroller:IMG_7357

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