Daddy’s First Day at his new Workplace

March 8th was Robin’s first day of work at DocVia.  That was a very hard day for me!  It finally became very real that Robin would not be at home every day! 

I’ll admit that I think this will be a good change for our family.  Robin loves his new job.   He loves getting out of the house and being a normal person.  And I must say that I feel more like a normal stay-at-home mom.  It’s great to see Robin walk through the door at 5:30 pm and be able to share with each other about our days.  It kind of makes the time that we DO have together as a family more special. 

Here’s a picture of Robin on his first day… yes, we bought him a “Back To Work” outfit kind of like a “Back To School” outfit.  Yes, he will be so embarrassed that I shared this. 


So what do I miss about not having Robin working from home?  About a million little things… and yes, I realize that most of these involve Robin DOING THINGS for me, but hey, I’m an “acts of service girl.”  The top 10 things I miss include:

1. Having him make coffee for both of us in the morning

2. Being able to shower while he listened in on the kids

3. Having his assistance getting the kids in the car

4. Being able to leave Foster at home while I took Emma to school- how AWFUL is it to wake up a sleeping baby, put them in their uncomfortable carseat, and carry their 500 lb carseat through the school building to drop off your older child?

5. Having him run to get us McDonald’s for lunch occasionally.

6. Being able to say, “Robin, come look, Foster is doing something really cute.”  “Robin, come look, Emma is doing something hilarious!”

7. Having him here when repairmen come over during the day.

8. Being able to tell him a funny story or event at any time.

9. Laughing with each other.

10. Just spending time together.

We miss you at home Robin but are so thankful that you love your new job!

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