Emma Teaching Class

Emma LOVES to pretend.  We catch her pretending about 20 times every day.  Her new favorite is to pretend “school.”  She pretends she is the teacher and she has a class of students.  We’re pretty sure she acts out what goes on during her real class at school.

One day I walked by the playroom and she was teaching class while she sat on the floor with her laptop.




Good hand position, don’t you think?IMG_7749

What is this a picture of you ask?  Emma asked daddy to take a picture of “Allison doing her work.”  (Allison is her imaginary friend.)  So, daddy being the good daddy did what Emma asked and took a picture of Allison sitting in the chair.


2 thoughts on “Emma Teaching Class

  1. Berkley is really into playing school too!! It is always “panish” class (spainsh). And for some reason she likes to put kids in time out when they “aren’t making good choices”…..hummmm is that where she spends time at school?? :)

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