Fire Station Birthday Party

Emma’s good friend Eli had his 3rd Birthday party at a fire station and we were so lucky to get to join in on the fun!  What a cool idea for a party. :)

Unfortunately, Emma was very timid at the party.  She didn’t participate in the group pictures, the games, or the pinata breaking.  When we got home she said, “Mom, I want to play Pin the Tail on the Dalmation now.”  “I want to take a picture on the firetruck with my friends.”  I explained that she was about an hour too late. :) 

We still had a great time and created some great memories.

Here are Eli (Birthday boy) and Emma… one of the few pictures Emma posed for!


Emma very quickly walked through the fire truck.  She didn’t really take time to look around very much!

This was the most hilarious part of the party for me… after they broke the pinata, ALL of the kids (except for Emma) quickly scurried to the floor and knew exactly what to do… hoard candy!  Kids were holding 10 pieces of candy in each hand, stuffing it in their pockets, in their shirts (not really), etc.  I had to coax Emma to join in on the fun.  She very quietly walked over to the crowd of kids, bent down, and picked up 1 Hershey’s kiss and quickly ran back to me.  Sweet girl.  That’s no way to get a bunch of candy for mommy!!!  I love her to death.


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