Living Room, a.k.a “daycare center!”

Apparently we are approaching that phase of babyhood with Foster where our living room is beginning to look like a daycare center!  Seriously, I walked into our kitchen this morning and glanced into the living room and thought, “When did that happen?!” 


Obviously, I know that babies do not NEED all this stuff!  As a matter of fact, I recently heard from a Parent Educator that this generation of kids (Foster and Emma’s generation) are becoming known as “Container Babies.”  We are always putting them in some kind of container- a bumbo seat, a boppy seat, a bouncy seat, an exersaucer, a jumparoo, a carseat, a swing! It’s so true!  When Emma was a baby and I went back to work, Robin had a rotation and he would move Emma from container to container every 30 minutes… and she loved it!

I know that it’s important for Foster to have free time where he is free to rock and roll on the floor… outside of all containers!  It will be the first to admit that it is helpful to have a place to put Foster when I need some time to clean or tend to Emma.  His favorite right now is the hanging Elmo/Big Bird toy pictured above- he talks to Elmo constantly- they have some serious conversations every day!

Below are some pictures of Foster’s first experience in an exersaucer.  He’s still a little young to truly enjoy the exersaucer but he seemed intrigued by all of the toys!  Emma showed him how each toy worked. :)

*** I want to thank my sweet friend Terra for letting us borrow her exersaucer and her jumparoo that her sweet little girl recently outgrew.  What a relief not to have to buy these items brand new since he will only use them for a few months.  Thank you thank you thank you Terra!  What would we do without wonderful friends?




One thought on “Living Room, a.k.a “daycare center!”

  1. So cute Jill! I had never heard the term container baby before, but it is so true. We just put Kerrington in her exersaucer last night for the first time. She just sat there and smiled, but of course didn’t really know what to do. She would accidentally hit the toys and they would make noise.

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