Emma Teaching Class

Emma LOVES to pretend.  We catch her pretending about 20 times every day.  Her new favorite is to pretend “school.”  She pretends she is the teacher and she has a class of students.  We’re pretty sure she acts out what goes on during her real class at school.

One day I walked by the playroom and she was teaching class while she sat on the floor with her laptop.




Good hand position, don’t you think?IMG_7749

What is this a picture of you ask?  Emma asked daddy to take a picture of “Allison doing her work.”  (Allison is her imaginary friend.)  So, daddy being the good daddy did what Emma asked and took a picture of Allison sitting in the chair.


St. Patrick’s Day

“Top ‘O The Mornin’ To You” friends and family… hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day.  We celebrated the day by wearing green, going to Target, eating a yummy Irish meal made by Nana, then going to an ice cream party with some friends. 

Nana fixed Corned Beef with cabbage and vegetables (one of Robin’s favorite meals.)  Here are some pictures of Nana and Emma making the green pistachio pudding salad with marshmallows.  Emma loved it!




Foster’s 1st time in the bumbo seat… Green of course to celebrate the occasion (not really- that was just a coincidence!)  He liked it pretty well for about 5 minutes.




Princess Braid

Last Tuesday my mom and I took Emma to get her hair trimmed.  Her hair has gotten pretty straggly lately with lots of split ends and it was definitely time for some “shaping.”  We went to Mr. Will at Kuts for Kids.  Pretty expensive for a kids’ hair cut but definitely worth it because: 1) he has toys for the kids to play with to “warm up” to the environment (essential for Emma), 2) He’s super fast during the cut, 3) He’s super good at cutting kids’ hair!

This visit to Mr. Will was night and day different from the last visit.  Last time my mom had to hold her in the chair kicking and screaming while Mr. Will cut her hair (which was a moving target) in about 2 minutes- all the time he had before she completely lost it.  This time, she sat like a perfect angel and watched Toy Story on his TV.  When he was all finished he said, “Emma, would you like for me to put a princess braid in your hair?”  She said, “Uh huh” which means yes. You could tell that she loved the braid when he was all finished.  These pictures are several hours after when the braid had already started to fall down a little bit but you can still get the idea.  I’ll have to post pictures of her new hairdo a bit later.  Thanks mom for your help!




4 months old


Wow, time sure does fly!  I can’t believe Foster is already 4 months old!  This has been a wonderful month for Foster.  As I talked about in a previous post… this month was a much happier time for Foster as he continued to grow out of his reflux issues.  Rather than being fussy all the time, Foster now smiles constantly.  He rarely cries unless he really needs something.  He is such a laid back, easy-going baby now.  (Praise the Lord!)  He has become really good at holding his head up while on his tummy.  He loves to be on his tummy during tummy time and look around for about 20 minutes or so.  When he gets tired of being on his tummy, he just rolls to his back…. which brings me to his next trick.  He is now rolling from front to back and back to front on a pretty regular basis.   He also loves to be held in a standing position.  When we hold him straight up, he laughs… I’m not sure why it’s funny but it is to him!  As you will notice in several of these pictures, he has found his fingers and hands and they are his new favorite toy.  His hands are in his mouth constantly and I think it’s pretty cute.  In addition to smiling, he also started laughing this month.  I just LOVE that sound.  He has also started making raspberry noises with his mouth which he thinks is just hilarious- and it is funny to me too. :)  ON his 4 month Birthday I began to try to stretch his feeding intervals to 4 hours and he did great.  So now he eats at about 8 am-12 pm-4pm-8pm then bed.  I also do a “dream feed” at 10:30.  Some nights he sleeps through the night, but some nights he wakes up 1 or 2 times and wants to have a “chat” with mommy or daddy.  How can we mad at this face though, even at 2 am???






Pops and Gigi Visit Foster and Emma

Pops and Gigi came to Tulsa the weekend of March 12th to see the kids (and me and Robin!)  The last time Pops and Gigi saw Foster he was at the peak of his reflux crisis so he was a much happier baby this time! 

We had a great time with them just hangin’ out.  Saturday everyone went to the mall while I worked at the hospital.  Sunday we all went to church and then they watched the kids in the evening while Robin and I went to a meeting at church.  Monday we all went to visit Robin downtown (his new stomping grounds) to meet him for lunch and see his new office building. 

Thanks for the visit Pops and Gigi!

Emma LOVES her Pops…IMG_7481

Pops and Gigi brought Emma these cute necklaces and hair beads… Gigi fixed Emma’s hair in cute pigtails…isn’t she cute?IMG_7483

Gigi and FosterIMG_7496

Pops doing what he does best… putting babies to sleep! We like to call him “The Baby Whisperer”IMG_7501

Dowtown Tulsa- Walking to El Guapo for lunchIMG_7506

Foster and Pops (and a skeleton on the wall!)


Thanks for coming to visit… hope to see you again soon!

Build-A-Bear Birthday Party

Emma’s sweet friend, Kinley, from church invited her to her very fun 3rd Birthday Party at Build-A-Bear.  This was Emma’s first time to go to Build-A-Bear and she loved it!  It was a very neat place to have a Birthday party.  (this was also Robin’s first day at his new job so the party gave us something really fun to do for our first day without daddy!)

Of course, it took quite a while for Emma to warm up… she was very timid and was not willing to step on the pedal to put the stuffing in her new puppy- mommy had to do that for her.  Maybe next time she’ll be ready to do that part herself.

Emma chose to make a stuffed brown puppy and she named him “Buster.”  (I helped with the name.)

Can you tell that she is timid here?  (she puts her hands in her mouth when she is nervous)IMG_7287

Emma with Katelyn and KinleyIMG_7295

Right after she selected her puppy… love at first site!IMG_7308

Mackenzie and Emma giving their animals a bath: (love Emma’s foot in this picture- such sass!)IMG_7330


Emma, Katelyn, and Kinley with their animals…IMG_7352

Emma and her new puppy in his house…IMG_7369

Foster attended the party also and had a great time hanging out in his stroller:IMG_7357

Daddy’s First Day at his new Workplace

March 8th was Robin’s first day of work at DocVia.  That was a very hard day for me!  It finally became very real that Robin would not be at home every day! 

I’ll admit that I think this will be a good change for our family.  Robin loves his new job.   He loves getting out of the house and being a normal person.  And I must say that I feel more like a normal stay-at-home mom.  It’s great to see Robin walk through the door at 5:30 pm and be able to share with each other about our days.  It kind of makes the time that we DO have together as a family more special. 

Here’s a picture of Robin on his first day… yes, we bought him a “Back To Work” outfit kind of like a “Back To School” outfit.  Yes, he will be so embarrassed that I shared this. 


So what do I miss about not having Robin working from home?  About a million little things… and yes, I realize that most of these involve Robin DOING THINGS for me, but hey, I’m an “acts of service girl.”  The top 10 things I miss include:

1. Having him make coffee for both of us in the morning

2. Being able to shower while he listened in on the kids

3. Having his assistance getting the kids in the car

4. Being able to leave Foster at home while I took Emma to school- how AWFUL is it to wake up a sleeping baby, put them in their uncomfortable carseat, and carry their 500 lb carseat through the school building to drop off your older child?

5. Having him run to get us McDonald’s for lunch occasionally.

6. Being able to say, “Robin, come look, Foster is doing something really cute.”  “Robin, come look, Emma is doing something hilarious!”

7. Having him here when repairmen come over during the day.

8. Being able to tell him a funny story or event at any time.

9. Laughing with each other.

10. Just spending time together.

We miss you at home Robin but are so thankful that you love your new job!

Infant Reflux is NO fun!

Chicks Dig Acid Reflux Fighters Tshirt by Acid_Reflux_GERD

What is infant reflux?  Infant Reflux a.k.a, Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) occurs when food and stomach-acid flows back into the esophagus (foodpipe), which can cause pain and discomfort.  In other words, infant reflux is TORTURE for both mom and baby. :) 

I thought about leaving these pictures out of our blog but when I thought about it, this was a very REAL part of Foster’s life and it needs to be documented.  One reason I am now able to blog about it is because I think we are in ‘reflux recovery’ and now get to enjoy our very healthy, happy baby. 

When I’ve talked to other moms, I’ve found that a lot of people deal with reflux early on.  When I did research, I discovered that up to half of all babies experience reflux to some degree.  I’m thinking that Emma dealt with it as well, I just didn’t realize what was going on.  (Yes, I’m a nurse.)

What’s weird about Foster’s reflux is that he didn’t really deal with a lot of spit-ups (I’m thankful for this.)  His reflux was just characterized by horrible, awful fussiness following feedings where he would arch his back, become stiff as a board, cry, scream, grunt, etc.  He even remained tense in between feedings.  Basically, when he was awake, he was unhappy.  This didn’t start until he was about 6 weeks and thankfully, we finally found relief at about 3 1/2 months.  I know that many families have it a lot worse and I feel for them.

I think what made the situation horrible is that we could not put him down… ever.  And he would. not.  sleep.  ever.     Made for some LONG nights and some grumpy parents. 

So, what helped? I’m not sure.  It could be a combination of things:

1. He slowly grew out of it,

2. Medication (we started Prevacid right around 2 months)

3. A wedge in his crib with a Tucker Sling (borrowed from a friend- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!)

We recently removed the wedge and sling at night time and he is still doing ok.

The following pictures make me laugh NOW, but not at the time. :)  Between 6 weeks-12 weeks Foster pretty much lived in his swing.  It was the only place that he was content.  I have to admit that there were a few nights that Foster slept in his swing.  The pictures of the wedge and harness crack me up too.  We have these in the hospital for babies with severe reflux.  I just love the multi-colored hearts on the sling- don’t they look great on him?  I know it looks like we are torturing him in these pictures but really, when we swaddled him and put him in his harness, he smiled as if to say, “Ahhh, thank you mommy, I feel much better sitting up like this.”  :)

So for anyone out there struggling with reflux… please know that it does eventually get better.  It’s just another phase of mommy-hood that will make you STRONGER.  I can honestly say I feel more closely bonded to Foster because we went through this together. 




That Silly Tongue…

I’m not really sure why both of my kiddos stick their tongue out when the smile???  I think maybe their tongues are too big to fit in their mouths!  I think this is a genetic characteristic on their daddy’s side of the family. :)    I actually think it’s kind of adorable.  You can really see Foster’s heart-shaped tongue in the last picture here…  The little indention in his tongue is where the Dr. clipped the tongue free from his lower mouth cavity when he was one day old.   He can fold his tongue all the way down the middle… very interesting to watch him do! 

His smile melts my heart.