Pops and Gigi Visit Foster and Emma

Pops and Gigi came to Tulsa the weekend of March 12th to see the kids (and me and Robin!)  The last time Pops and Gigi saw Foster he was at the peak of his reflux crisis so he was a much happier baby this time! 

We had a great time with them just hangin’ out.  Saturday everyone went to the mall while I worked at the hospital.  Sunday we all went to church and then they watched the kids in the evening while Robin and I went to a meeting at church.  Monday we all went to visit Robin downtown (his new stomping grounds) to meet him for lunch and see his new office building. 

Thanks for the visit Pops and Gigi!

Emma LOVES her Pops…IMG_7481

Pops and Gigi brought Emma these cute necklaces and hair beads… Gigi fixed Emma’s hair in cute pigtails…isn’t she cute?IMG_7483

Gigi and FosterIMG_7496

Pops doing what he does best… putting babies to sleep! We like to call him “The Baby Whisperer”IMG_7501

Dowtown Tulsa- Walking to El Guapo for lunchIMG_7506

Foster and Pops (and a skeleton on the wall!)


Thanks for coming to visit… hope to see you again soon!

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