Princess Braid

Last Tuesday my mom and I took Emma to get her hair trimmed.  Her hair has gotten pretty straggly lately with lots of split ends and it was definitely time for some “shaping.”  We went to Mr. Will at Kuts for Kids.  Pretty expensive for a kids’ hair cut but definitely worth it because: 1) he has toys for the kids to play with to “warm up” to the environment (essential for Emma), 2) He’s super fast during the cut, 3) He’s super good at cutting kids’ hair!

This visit to Mr. Will was night and day different from the last visit.  Last time my mom had to hold her in the chair kicking and screaming while Mr. Will cut her hair (which was a moving target) in about 2 minutes- all the time he had before she completely lost it.  This time, she sat like a perfect angel and watched Toy Story on his TV.  When he was all finished he said, “Emma, would you like for me to put a princess braid in your hair?”  She said, “Uh huh” which means yes. You could tell that she loved the braid when he was all finished.  These pictures are several hours after when the braid had already started to fall down a little bit but you can still get the idea.  I’ll have to post pictures of her new hairdo a bit later.  Thanks mom for your help!




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