Bubble Bath in the Sink

Foster really needed a bath one day last week and my back was really hurting… I just did not feel like bending over the bath tub… so he had a bath in the kitchen sink.  I did not mean for it to turn into a bubble bath but Emma helped me set up… need I say more? Don’t worry, I did sanitize the sink thoroughly first. :)  Foster really enjoyed himself and I may just do this more often… at least while he still fits in the sink!






Does anyone remember seeing this picture about 10 months ago???  I posted it on our blog and Facebook on June 19th, 2009, right after finding out that we were having a boy!  I was so excited to be having a boy and this was the first article of clothing I bought for him.  There’s something so special about having a name to go with your baby- it makes it so much more real. 


This onesie has been hanging in Foster’s nursery as decoration and I decided it was time to get some pictures of him wearing it.  I feel so blessed… a year ago I dreamed of having a baby boy and now that dream is reality.  He is here in the flesh and he brings me joy every day. 







and this is Foster saying…no more pictures please Mommy, I’ve reached my quota…IMG_9291

Nana’s lap is full…

Nana came over for a visit last week and while she was holding Foster Emma demanded that she make room for her too. :)  Here she is holding both babies. 


On a side note… Foster will not be wearing this orange outfit again (even though it is from Baby Gap and very soft)… I had two people ask me the day he wore this if he was a girl… seriously? When Emma was a baby people thought she was a boy.  Now people ask if Foster is a girl.  I guess bald babies just make it a a guessing game.  From now on, Foster will only be wearing brown football outfits with a ball cap.  (just kidding.)


Emma Van Gogh

Emma LOVES to color.  She loves to color in coloring books but she also loves for us to give her a blank piece of paper for her to create her own unique masterpiece.  She loves to color in a small area for a long period of time… she is very meticulous and concentrates very hard on her work.  Here she is one Sunday afternoon.  Daddy took these pictures…You can see that she goes from silly to serious in a matter of seconds!






A very “abstract” piece of art:IMG_9158

First Taste of Baby Cereal

It seems like a lot of things have changed since Emma was a baby… just 3 short years ago.  When she was born, I remember reading in books and hearing from experts, don’t start feeding cereal until 6 months.  This time around, I began hearing that 4 months was the magic number.  BUT, I knew if I fed Foster cereal, that meant that he really wasn’t a newborn anymore. :(  So I waited… until 5 months!  (Plus, he seemed very content to drink mommy’s milk and I promise he’s not starving.)  We gave cereal a try for the first time on Sunday, April 18th.  Emma was SO excited for this event- it was almost like she was trying something new for the first time, just like Foster!  She begged me to let her feed him.  She did a great job but he really didn’t like it very much.  He kept spitting the cereal out.  He seemed very confused. We gave it a try for a good 5 minutes before deciding to try again in a few days… Here are pictures from the first try. 



after the 3rd bite…IMG_9172

So we waited a couple of days and tried again on Tuesday, April 20th when daddy was home.  Maybe Daddy cheering Foster on was just what he needed because he took to it pretty well this time! 


love this one…IMG_9201











Such a fun experience.  He’s by no means a pro but we’ll continue trying every night and I’m sure he’ll be scarfing it down in no time. 

Just a quick blast from the past… here is a picture of Emma’s first cereal experience… June 8, 2007, just shy of 6 months… she took to it immediately and tried to help with the spoon.


Best Friends

Emma told me last week that Foster is her BEST friend… that is a BOY.  (she clarified that she has other best friends that are GIRLS.)  Still, this melted my heart.  Emma is so in love with Foster.  She constantly thinks about him.  “Mommy, where’s Foster?”  “Mommy, I think you should feed Foster.”  “Mommy, can I go wake Foster up from his nap?”  “Mommy, can we buy Foster a new outfit?”  “Mommy, are we going to take Foster to the store with us?”  It’s almost as if we have two mommies around here! :)

I told Robin yesterday that it’s been really intriguing to watch Emma’s journey as a big sister.  She was so enamored with Foster for about the first 4 days of his life- She couldn’t stop thinking about him, touching him, etc.  Then the newness kind of wore off and she kind of went through a dry spell.  For about 3-4 months, she just kind of tolerated Foster.  She knew he was there, but she didn’t pay a lot of attention to him.  However, within the past couple of weeks, it’s like she has fallen in love with him all over again!  He’s the first thing she thinks about in the morning and the last thing she thinks about at night….

AND the feeling is very mutual.  Foster ADORES Emma- he lights up in a very special way when Emma come into his field of view.  She makes him giggle and coo like no one else can.

I am treasuring every minute of this…