Best Friends

Emma told me last week that Foster is her BEST friend… that is a BOY.  (she clarified that she has other best friends that are GIRLS.)  Still, this melted my heart.  Emma is so in love with Foster.  She constantly thinks about him.  “Mommy, where’s Foster?”  “Mommy, I think you should feed Foster.”  “Mommy, can I go wake Foster up from his nap?”  “Mommy, can we buy Foster a new outfit?”  “Mommy, are we going to take Foster to the store with us?”  It’s almost as if we have two mommies around here! :)

I told Robin yesterday that it’s been really intriguing to watch Emma’s journey as a big sister.  She was so enamored with Foster for about the first 4 days of his life- She couldn’t stop thinking about him, touching him, etc.  Then the newness kind of wore off and she kind of went through a dry spell.  For about 3-4 months, she just kind of tolerated Foster.  She knew he was there, but she didn’t pay a lot of attention to him.  However, within the past couple of weeks, it’s like she has fallen in love with him all over again!  He’s the first thing she thinks about in the morning and the last thing she thinks about at night….

AND the feeling is very mutual.  Foster ADORES Emma- he lights up in a very special way when Emma come into his field of view.  She makes him giggle and coo like no one else can.

I am treasuring every minute of this…









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