Church on Easter Morning…

SO… I take a LOT of pictures.  (too many probably.)  Unfortunately, Easter morning ended up being pretty rushed and I did not take a single picture of our family or the kids together on Easter morning.  However, our church did something really cool this year.  They had 6 photographers set up in and around the church to take pictures of families dressed up for Easter- what a COOL idea!  We did have our picture taken and I look forward to getting that within the next week or so. 

In the meantime here is what I have! (Emma was really tired on Easter morning and you can really tell in these pictures…  I guess the Easter egg hunt from the day before really wore her out!)

I loved Emma and Foster’s Easter outfits.  My mom was so kind to get both of them for us.  Emma’s was a blue and white floral dress with a white sweater.  Foster’s was a coordinating Blue and white sweater vest with seersucker blue pants!  They looked adorable.  Luckily, I had their pictures taken together at The Picture People a couple of weeks before Easter.  I must have known I was not going to have time to get a picture of them together on Easter morning!




We had this picture taken 2 weeks before Easter…IMG_7760

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