Easter Baskets

As soon as the kids woke up on Easter morning, we all went to the kitchen to see what surprises awaited us in the Easter baskets.  I’m thinking next year we may do this AFTER church because Emma really wanted to eat ALL of the candy in her basket before church… which was not an option!!!  I debated whether or not to fill a basket for Foster this year because I know he’s not quite old enough to truly appreciate it, but how can you leave one child out?  Here are Emma and Foster’s Easter baskets on Easter morning…


Emma’s loot (she had already consumed some of her loot by the time this picture was taken!)…IMG_8700

Foster’s loot…(yes, that is Rice cereal you are seeing.  We will try it sometime in the next week or so!)IMG_8699 

Sleepyhead Emma…IMG_8704

Sleepyhead Foster…IMG_8706

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