Easter Egg Hunt at Home

Emma had so much fun at the Easter Egg Hunt with Aubrey that we decided to have another hunt at home on Sunday afternoon.

Here is “the Easter bunny” hiding eggs before the hunt.  I just love the irony of Robin wearing a tie holding a pink frilly basket…IMG_8741



 Yeah!!! Gumballs in the eggs!!!IMG_8762

The Easter bunny hid some of the eggs in tricky places…IMG_8755

Cousin Haley helped Emma out towards the end of the hunt…IMG_8768

Aunt Judy trying to clue Emma in to the pink egg on the car hood… see it?!IMG_8777


I can’t remember what happened here but something was obviously very funny!IMG_8812 


Look, two hands!…IMG_8826   IMG_8804

Nana got Emma the book “Here Comes Peter Cottontail!” set to music… Nana and Emma have been singing this song all month long.IMG_8842

Aunt Judy got Emma some awesome stickers (2000 to be exact!) and some cute hair clips.  She also got an adorable frog lovie for Foster.  She got a bunny lovie for Emma for Easter when she was almost 18 months old and now Emma sleeps with that lovie every night!IMG_8852

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