Emma and Aubrey Hunting Eggs


On Saturday, April 3rd, we had a wonderful day celebrating Easter with our good friends, The Webbs, at The Oaks Country Club.  Emma and Aubrey have been best friends since birth.  It is so fun to watch them together- they share such a special bond.  The girls were SO excited about the Easter Egg hunt.

Emma before the hunt…IMG_8555

This is Emma’s excited face waiting for the hunt to begin…IMG_8561

Coming up with a game plan before the hunt…IMG_8576

and they’re off…IMG_8587

IMG_8589 IMG_8593

coloring before brunch…I’m very sad that I did not get a picture of the girls when they were UNDER the buffet table giggling… remember, we were at a Country Club!IMG_8614

the guys…IMG_8616

We told the girls to stand by the bushes for a picture… but they thought it would be fun to get IN the bushes.IMG_8617


the girls had fun running full force… I think we need to sign this girl up for soccer!IMG_8643

Putting flowers in their baskets…IMG_8659




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