First Taste of Baby Cereal

It seems like a lot of things have changed since Emma was a baby… just 3 short years ago.  When she was born, I remember reading in books and hearing from experts, don’t start feeding cereal until 6 months.  This time around, I began hearing that 4 months was the magic number.  BUT, I knew if I fed Foster cereal, that meant that he really wasn’t a newborn anymore. :(  So I waited… until 5 months!  (Plus, he seemed very content to drink mommy’s milk and I promise he’s not starving.)  We gave cereal a try for the first time on Sunday, April 18th.  Emma was SO excited for this event- it was almost like she was trying something new for the first time, just like Foster!  She begged me to let her feed him.  She did a great job but he really didn’t like it very much.  He kept spitting the cereal out.  He seemed very confused. We gave it a try for a good 5 minutes before deciding to try again in a few days… Here are pictures from the first try. 



after the 3rd bite…IMG_9172

So we waited a couple of days and tried again on Tuesday, April 20th when daddy was home.  Maybe Daddy cheering Foster on was just what he needed because he took to it pretty well this time! 


love this one…IMG_9201











Such a fun experience.  He’s by no means a pro but we’ll continue trying every night and I’m sure he’ll be scarfing it down in no time. 

Just a quick blast from the past… here is a picture of Emma’s first cereal experience… June 8, 2007, just shy of 6 months… she took to it immediately and tried to help with the spoon.


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