Kite Flying and Bike Riding

I don’t think I have ever been so excited for Spring weather!  Emma has just been begging to go outside to play and now we finally can!  We’ve been having a ton of fun outside learning new things.  If only those pesky allergies wouldn’t bother ALL four of us… yes, including Foster.  We all suffer from pretty severe seasonal allergies.

Back to fun things though… Nana got Emma a cute Dora kite for Easter and Emma has been begging me to take her outside to fly it.  I couldn’t figure out how to hold a 5 month old and fly a kite at the same time though!  SO, we waited until daddy came home from work and then we called Nana to join in on the fun.  Nana will be so embarrassed that I posted these pictures because she is in her workout clothes, complete with jean jacket.  She came for an impromptu visit.  These pictures are too sweet not to share.



I LOVE this picture because Emma is running in the opposite direction!  SO, Nana is just flying a Dora kite by herself. :)IMG_8933

Discussing their game plan… I think we needed a little bit more wind on this particular day…IMG_8935


We were having so much fun outside that we decided to try to ride the bike next.  I bought this little bike for Emma at JBF about a month ago and this is really the first time she’s given it a good try.  She’s slowly getting the hang of pushing the pedals around and around.IMG_8957


Emma was having trouble figuring out how to push her feet around and around so Nana decided to demonstrate! :)  IMG_8963

One thought on “Kite Flying and Bike Riding

  1. your mom is just toooo cute!! i have always thought she was one of my cutest friends’ moms ever but 10 yrs later she is still just as adorable!! she always glows in the pics when she’s playing with your kids…i know being a nana is the bright spot in her life like it is my mom’s (she goes by nana too :)). tell her i think she is precious in her workout gear and jean jacket!! and she looks like a natural flying the kite ;) XOXO!

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