Ode To Koby

IMG_8518 Have you ever seen a cuter puppy in the entire World?  I didn’t think so.  This was Koby at 8 weeks old, shortly after we went to pick him up in a small town outside of Houston.  Koby’s Birthday was April 1st, 2002, yes, April Fool’s Day.  Ironically, Koby went to a new home ON his Birthday this year, April 1, 2010- when he turned 8 years old.  While this has been one of the hardest things Robin and I have ever had to go through, we know that it was the best situation for Koby and our family. 

Up until Emma was born- Koby was our WORLD!  Just ask our family and close friends… he was our BABY!  I let him lick my ice cream bowl, I put a warm towel in the dryer for him after he played in the snow, he slept on my pillow, etc.

When Emma came, our time and attention for Koby lessened and he became depressed.  We still loved him dearly, but he was no longer our only child. 

Koby was the most unique dog ever… he had many quirks that we adored.  If I go into too much detail here, I’ll start sobbing again and I don’t have time for that today. :)

He has been an amazing pet and we will never forget him.  Here are some pictures from his early years (not great quality…)



skinny Robin with Koby after his first bath…IMG_8527

one of my favorite pictures ever…IMG_8532

Koby LOVED food… he had just tried to lick the bottom of our Jason’s Deli sack to taste any remaining crumbs from our dinner.  He got his head stuck.  Don’t worry, we quickly rescued him after taking a picture. IMG_8542

Koby thought he was a person, NOT a dog.  Here he is looking like royalty…IMG_8548



4th of July 2006, 5 months pre-Emma…20060704_0277

Christmas 2006, Emma was 1 week old and Koby made sure that we still had room on our laps for him too…IMG_0347

best buddies…IMG_0190 

this picture really cracks me up!…IMG_0054 

the day we brought Foster home from the hospital… Koby and Emma are looking at each other like, “What do we do with this kid?”…IMG_2684

Foster and Koby…IMG_8388

We feel very good about Koby’s new life.  We contacted the Cavalier King Charles rescue agency in Tulsa.  They have 20-30 applications from families in Oklahoma who specifically want a Cavalier.  The coordinator came to our home to meet Koby and fell in love with him.  She didn’t feel that it would be difficult to find a home for him.  He will be at her house for a couple of weeks until she permanently places him.  She has 10 acres of land and 3 other Cavaliers.  Koby will be in heaven with all of the love and attention.  She even let Koby ride in her front seat in her 2010 Toyota Sequoia with leather seats…. that showed me that she cares about him. :)  She said, “I want this to be an easy transition for him.”

Luckily, this will be a semi-open adoption… she will send us pictures of Koby with his new family in a few weeks!

Here is a picture of Koby’s toys before I packed them up… this was the most emotional part for me!



I bawled like a baby as she drove away with Koby dog.  

Koby will forever be in our hearts! 

2 thoughts on “Ode To Koby

  1. Jill,
    Your post made me tear up. You can really tell how much you really love him. Btw, Robin looks like a natural holding a 1 week old baby Emma. :)

  2. Touching! Koby is a beautiful dog. My favorite is still the one with the phone cord! I think it could win a contest!

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