Tulip Time

Tulips are my FAVORITE flower so it goes without saying that I love Woodward Park when the Tulips are in bloom.  The only thing that makes the tulips prettier is my children sitting in front of them! :)   I have loved taking Emma to see the tulips each year and this year we got to add Foster to the pictures!  Here is a picture of Emma with the tulips in April of 2008 when she was about 15 months old.


My how she’s changed in just 2 short years…IMG_8976


Foster is either sleeping in this picture or just feeling the breeze at his blows on his face…IMG_8985

Yes, I brought a bumbo seat to put Foster in for the pictures… I realize I may be the first person to ever do this.  People were looking at us with funny faces.  How else do you pose a 5 month old who is not quite sitting up?  I wasn’t going to just lay him in the dirt!  IMG_8992




I got really excited when I saw the picture below because I thought Foster had a little spike of hair sticking up on the top of his head… nope, it’s just a blade of grass in the background. :)  I love my little bald boy. 



One thought on “Tulip Time

  1. So cute Jill!~ We are actually going this weekend to take pictures with the azelas and I was planning to take my bumbo also. I will let you know if I get lots of looks too!

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