6 months old

It’s so hard for me to believe that Foster is already 6 months old.  Where did the time go?


Foster is such a joy- there is just no other way to describe him!  After we moved past the yucky reflux stage he became the happiest baby.  Even when he cries, he usually sneaks in a laugh or a smile!  He smiles at almost everyone he meets.  I think he may be a little bit of a ham and a ladies’ man as well.  He loves to smile at women and girls. 

Recently we made a trip to Nana’s classroom.  As soon as we walked in to the classroom and had 25 kids ‘oohing and ahhing’ over Emma and Foster, Emma quickly hid behind my leg, and Foster stood on the table (with my help) and smiled and laughed and “talked” to the kids forever.  It was like he was saying, “Yep, you’re all here to see me, I’m pretty cute, huh?”  I was cracking up at the look on his face.  He soaked in every bit of the attention the kids gave him.


This past month he has completely mastered log rolling across the entire living room.  It is definitely time to baby proof because he is on the move.  He is very close to sitting up unassisted.  He has a very large head so that makes it difficult for him to balance his upper body!  I’m pretty sure he’ll master this trick very soon. 

Within the past day or two he has started to say “Da-da-da-da-da” constantly.  Robin thinks that he’s saying “Dada.”  Foster loves his new-found voice and uses it very loudly in restaurants and other public places.

He is sleeping through the night pretty well.  Occasionally he wakes once in the middle of the night but is pretty easily soothed back to sleep. 

This past month we started cereal and solid foods.  He has done pretty well with everything we have offered.  He loves to eat!

He has really started grabbing my face and trying to give me kisses.  Of course, I just eat this up!  I could cuddle with him all day.

I will post more pictures of Foster in a day or so but for now, I’ll leave you with these two pictures taken today… he’s getting so big!



I love you Foster!  Happy Half Year Birthday!

Worn Out

Emma has such a busy little life… she RARELY naps anymore     but when her schedule gets busy, she occasionally does this:



I love to watch this little girl sleep!

Parents As Teachers

Ok, so I am going to get on my soap box for just a minute here to highly recommend a program that I have participated in for the last 3 years…

I LOVE Parents As Teachers.  What is Parents As Teachers you ask?  Parents As Teachers is a program offered by the school district we live in (Jenks) that offers parents a wealth of information, personal home visits from a parent educator, group play days, referrals if needed, screenings, and many more amazing resources.  The program is a national program and is offered in many placed depending on the school district.  I first heard about it when I worked for Jenks Public Schools.  My Pediatrician also highly recommends it to his patients. 

The whole premise behind Parents as Teachers (PAT) is that the first 3 years of a child’s life are so crucial and lay the groundwork for the rest of their lives.  This program encourages parents to become their child’s first teacher.

Here is a quote taken from the PAT website:

“Parents are supported by PAT-certified parent educators trained to translate scientific information on early brain development into specific when, what, how and why advice for families. By understanding what to expect during each stage of development, parents can easily capture the teachable moments in everyday life to enhance their child’s language development, intellectual growth, social development and motor skills.”

I was on a waiting list to receive home visits for Emma when she was born and when she was around 9 months old, we began receiving home visits by our Parent Educator, Therese Hubble.  She is AMAZING!  What a blessing she has been.  It’s so neat to think about the fact that she has seen my children every month (excluding June and July) since Emma was 9 months old.  Unfortunately, we can only receive home visits for a total of 3 years so we just had our last home visit with Therese last week.  She saw Emma from 9 months-3 years, then Foster from birth-to 6 months.


So…why do I like the program so much?

  • This parenting thing is TOUGH!  These kiddos don’t come with an instruction manual.  While every child is very different, the information PAT gave me was a great guide book.  It let me know what to expect, what was coming next, what was normal and not normal.
  • My monthly visits were a great chance for me to bounce parenting ideas off of an expert.
  • Miss Therese was a constant source of encouragement for me as a mom.
  • As a stay-at-home mom, sometimes it’s just nice to see another adult during the day!
  • Miss Therese taught me so many neat ways to play with my kids.  Sometimes I get so busy with household chores, and making sure their basic necessities are met, that I forget to PLAY.  PLAY is SO crucial during the early years and she taught me how to do that.
  • The 3-4 screenings/year were a great tool to show me how my kids were doing on every level.  They showed me areas that we needed to work on as well as areas where they were thriving.
  • The visits were FUN.  Every month she brought a bag of toys, books, puzzles, etc. for Emma to play with.  Emma was always so excited to see what was in the bag!
I’m very sad that Miss Therese won’t be visiting anymore BUT, I have the entire 3 years of information organized nicely in a notebook and I plan to pull it
out each month so I can refer to it as Foster grows.

There is sometimes a misconception that this program is only for “those families” who aren’t educated themselves, who need help, and need referrals.  This couldn’t be further from what this program is about.  This program is for everyone- they meet you where you are.  When I was talking to my Pediatrician about PAT I said, “Ya know, I’m a baby nurse and a Pediatric nurse, but every time my Parent Educator comes, I learn something about their development.”  He agreed- even his 3 kids have received visits!

Why do I share all of this information?

1. If PAT is offered in your area and you have little ones, I suggest that you enroll now!

2. Funding for PAT is looking very dismal and the future of the program is in danger.  If you are inspired, I ask that you write your legislator or talk the program up to other people in order to increase awareness. 

Ok, thank you for listening.  I will know get off my soap box.

Baby Einstein

Emma LOVED the “Baby Einstein” videos and “Praise Baby” videos when she was a baby.  (Yes, I know there have been recent studies about the efficacy of “Baby Einstein” videos.)

SO, I popped in a video for Foster last week and when I turned around, Emma had pulled up a chair and was fixed on the screen.  She begged for more videos after one was done.  Maybe they should be renamed “Toddler Einstein?” 

I loved watching her explain some of the images on the screen to Foster- such a good big sister and a great teacher.




this is the view from Robin’s office…IMG_9708

My Cup Overfloweth….

I let out one very important picture from Mother’s Day… these two kiddos mean the World to me.  It’s hard for me to believe that Foster wasn’t here last Mother’s Day.  I can’t remember life without him.  I am so thankful, and so blessed.


***Note… Foster has a red bump on his forehead in the above picture.  He and the pack ‘n play got in a fight and Foster got a “Pack ‘N Play burn!”  Poor guy!

Last Day of School

Today was Emma’s last day of school for the year.  :(  I really can’t believe the year has flown by so quickly.  I am already searching for lots of fun stuff to do this summer to keep Emma busy!!!

Here is a picture of Emma on her first day of school this year (left) and then again today on her last day (right)… wearing the same outfit.  At first glance it doesn’t look like she’s changed tremendously.  However, when I really look at her face, she looks like such a big girl now.  I can also tell that the outfit fits a little more snugly.                                                                                                     
























Mother’s Day Weekend

We just got back from a great trip to Arlington for Mother’s Day weekend!    It was so fun to have all of the cousins together again… the last time we were all together was in mid-January when we celebrated Christmas right after Lylah was born.  Man, these kiddos sure do grow up fast!

Pops and Gigi with their 4 Grandchildren: Lylah, Zane, Foster, Emma:


Lylah and JillIMG_9729

Emma and Lylah… she LOVES her!IMG_9722


Cooking waffles with Pops…IMG_9762

Lylah and Foster:IMG_9786 

Zane and Foster…IMG_9825

Isn’t Lylah adorable?IMG_9873

Emma loves her Uncle Tommy… here they are watching TVIMG_9848

Foster and Pops…IMG_9886

The siblings with their babies…pretty funny that the sign behind them says “Eat Me!”…. oops!IMG_9905




The main reason we went to Arlington was to attend Zane’s Baby Dedication.  We were so glad we were there- it was such a special day.  Here is Zane with his new Bible!



Emma watching Pops preach… we let her stay in ‘big church’ with us and she did pretty well!IMG_9995

Like father, like son…IMG_0079

Emma and Pops had a running game with each other where they would hide Grover around the living room.  Here Emma is watching Pops try to find where she hid Grover (it was right behind her by the way… she usually gave it away with her laughter!)



Thanks Pops and Gigi for a great weekend!


First Pool Time of the Summer!

A couple of weeks ago we went over to some friends house for some fun in the sun.  This was Emma’s first time to wear her swimsuit this year and she was so excited.  She also LOVES jumping on the trampoline- it was very hard to pry her away when it was time to leave!








Bike Rodeo

Every year at Emma’s school they have a Bike Rodeo in May.  The kids are asked to bring a bike and helmet from home and they ride in a circle with their class for about 30 minutes.  Let me tell you- this was a stressful event for Mommy!  We’ve been working with Emma on riding a real bike (with training wheels) but she just hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.  She also has a little tricycle and a hot wheels.  I struggled over which bike to send.  I didn’t want her to struggle but I also didn’t want her to be the only one with a tricycle.  I ended up sending the hot wheels type bike because I knew at least she wouldn’t fall off of it!  I’m happy we sent that bike because it turned out to be a really windy day and I know she wouldn’t have made it on the big bike. 

Ok, so the really pathetic part of this story… I snuck up to the school during Emma’s designated Bike time, staked out a spot in my car, and watched Emma without her knowing I was there!  I happened to be out running errands and I thought it would be interesting to watch.  Emma did ok but she got stuck several times.  A couple of times different classmates got off of their bikes to push Emma- made me cry.  I pray that she’ll always have sweet friends in her corner.

I only took a couple of pictures (below.)  When I picked her up from school at the end of the day I asked her how the Bike Rodeo went and she said, “Ok… but I think I should take a break from riding bikes for about 7 weeks.”  Not sure where that came from. 

the beginning of the parade…that’s Emma in the frontIMG_9504


one of her sweet friends giving her a push…IMG_9516

So… we really need to get outside more and ride bikes.  Good thing it’s summertime!

Oh, and if I was this worried about a 3 year old bike rodeo, how is my stress level going to be as Emma enters elementary school, high school, etc?  Pray for me!

Guess Who???

 UPDATE:  For those of you who came back to find out who this is… the picture on the left is my mom when she was a baby!  There truly is a strong resemblance between her baby pictures and Foster!














Ok, so if you haven’t already figured out… I love to figure out who babies look like.  I just think Genetics are fascinating.  I always have.  Just ask my Mom… when I was in the 4th grade I did a very elaborate Science Fair Project on Genetics.  Of course I had a little bit of help with the project, but nonetheless.. the project spurred on quite an interest in the subject.  I almost majored in Genetics in college.  I just think it is so cool how traits and characteristics are passed down from parent to offspring.  God is amazing.

Don’t get me wrong- I know that every human being is unique.  “Foster looks like Foster and Emma looks like Emma,” as Pops Curry would say!  Their looks and personalities are their own and they are wonderfully unique!  BUT, I love to see traits from MY parents and Grandparents and Robin’s parents and grandparents pop up in these kids.  I mean- how funny is it when a child looks nothing like their mom or dad, but looks very similar to a Grandparent!?  

We have really been stumped about Foster’s looks.  In the beginning I thought he looked like Emma.  Now he looks nothing like Emma.  We also don’t think he looks like either of us…. hmmm.  We found this picture on the above left a few days ago and we think that baby looks very similar to Foster… do you?  Can you guess who it is?  Keep in mind the picture of Foster is quite a bit more zoomed in and much better quality.  Also, Foster is more chubby.

It may not look like it to you- but when I first saw this picture my heart skipped a beat- it was like I was looking AT Foster.  I have several other small black and white pictures of the same baby in different poses and wow, you can tell they are related! 

Ok, let me know if you have a guess!

I’ll post again in a couple of days with the answer.