Bike Rodeo

Every year at Emma’s school they have a Bike Rodeo in May.  The kids are asked to bring a bike and helmet from home and they ride in a circle with their class for about 30 minutes.  Let me tell you- this was a stressful event for Mommy!  We’ve been working with Emma on riding a real bike (with training wheels) but she just hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.  She also has a little tricycle and a hot wheels.  I struggled over which bike to send.  I didn’t want her to struggle but I also didn’t want her to be the only one with a tricycle.  I ended up sending the hot wheels type bike because I knew at least she wouldn’t fall off of it!  I’m happy we sent that bike because it turned out to be a really windy day and I know she wouldn’t have made it on the big bike. 

Ok, so the really pathetic part of this story… I snuck up to the school during Emma’s designated Bike time, staked out a spot in my car, and watched Emma without her knowing I was there!  I happened to be out running errands and I thought it would be interesting to watch.  Emma did ok but she got stuck several times.  A couple of times different classmates got off of their bikes to push Emma- made me cry.  I pray that she’ll always have sweet friends in her corner.

I only took a couple of pictures (below.)  When I picked her up from school at the end of the day I asked her how the Bike Rodeo went and she said, “Ok… but I think I should take a break from riding bikes for about 7 weeks.”  Not sure where that came from. 

the beginning of the parade…that’s Emma in the frontIMG_9504


one of her sweet friends giving her a push…IMG_9516

So… we really need to get outside more and ride bikes.  Good thing it’s summertime!

Oh, and if I was this worried about a 3 year old bike rodeo, how is my stress level going to be as Emma enters elementary school, high school, etc?  Pray for me!

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