Mother’s Day Tea


Emma has been talking about “the day you get to come with me to my class” day for literally 4 months.  Since January, her teachers have been preparing the kids for the Mother’s Day Tea and Emma has been SO excited.  I’ve been very excited too.  I was excited to get to see her interact with her peers and teachers- the people she has spent many days with over the past 8 months!  She also requested that I come by myself…without Foster.  She said, “If he cries, you won’t have time to pick him up because you’ll be watching me sing.”  SO… I found someone to watch Foster for me and I’m so glad I did.  It was such a special time for Emma and me. 

We were the 2nd people to arrive and quickly found our places at one of the tables.  Emma quickly identified her own name and my name… there were 9 other place cards that said “Mom” but she assumed that one was for me since it was next to hers. :)


Here is the entire class complete with teachers Miss Juanita and Miss Susie. 


Here they are saying the Pledge of Allegiance… I was amazed at how well Emma did saying the words.  Her hand was over her belly but we’ll give her credit for using the right hand. :)  IMG_9629

I’ve been having a battle with my blog for about an hour to try to get the video to load here on the blog but it just isn’t happening.  SO, please click on the link below if you would like to see a 2 minute video of Emma’s first ever Preschool performance:

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