Mother’s Day Weekend

We just got back from a great trip to Arlington for Mother’s Day weekend!    It was so fun to have all of the cousins together again… the last time we were all together was in mid-January when we celebrated Christmas right after Lylah was born.  Man, these kiddos sure do grow up fast!

Pops and Gigi with their 4 Grandchildren: Lylah, Zane, Foster, Emma:


Lylah and JillIMG_9729

Emma and Lylah… she LOVES her!IMG_9722


Cooking waffles with Pops…IMG_9762

Lylah and Foster:IMG_9786 

Zane and Foster…IMG_9825

Isn’t Lylah adorable?IMG_9873

Emma loves her Uncle Tommy… here they are watching TVIMG_9848

Foster and Pops…IMG_9886

The siblings with their babies…pretty funny that the sign behind them says “Eat Me!”…. oops!IMG_9905




The main reason we went to Arlington was to attend Zane’s Baby Dedication.  We were so glad we were there- it was such a special day.  Here is Zane with his new Bible!



Emma watching Pops preach… we let her stay in ‘big church’ with us and she did pretty well!IMG_9995

Like father, like son…IMG_0079

Emma and Pops had a running game with each other where they would hide Grover around the living room.  Here Emma is watching Pops try to find where she hid Grover (it was right behind her by the way… she usually gave it away with her laughter!)



Thanks Pops and Gigi for a great weekend!


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