“Carrots and Peas”

Emma got to go to her first real camp at church this past week.  The camp is called Pre-SMAK (Summer Music Activity for Kids) for 3-5 year olds.  Emma absolutely loved it!  She was in a class with 14 other 3 year olds.  I was just down the hall teaching children that had completed Kindergarten.  All of the age groups learned the same songs from a short musical called “The Thank You Meal.”  Each day the kids learned the 7 songs in the program, played musical instruments, learned basic music theory, did a craft, and had a snack.  I was amazed by how much Emma learned!  We listened the CD in our car and she still begs to sing the songs each time we get in the car.  Her favorite song was “Carrots and Peas,” thus the title of this blog post!  On Wednesday evening the kids had the opportunity to show their parents what they learned.

Emma and Mommy on Wednesday Evening after the Performance:IMG_0088

The next few pictures were taken by one of her teachers, Miss Candace, throughout the week:

Emma and Mackenzie… they have been in the same Sunday School class since they were about 6-9 months old, but they connected on a whole new level during Pre-Smak!

One of the rooms during the performance… Emma is seated in front of me:IMG_9996

Chef Emma:IMG_9993









And here is a short video montage of a few of the songs they sang on Wednesday night.   Emma knew the words to every song but was extremely over-stimulated during the performance and spent most  of the time watching the other kiddos.  I love the part where the kids are supposed to be tapping the beat with their rhythm sticks but Emma and MacKenzie are pretending to play the violin!!!

Treasuring the Special Moments

Some of you may have seen my Facebook posts that a co-worker of mine tragically lost her 3 year old son, Jace, last week.  The entire situation has been so heavy on my heart.  I’m devastated for her, devastated for Jace, devastated for the entire family.  I attended the funeral service today and it was very inspirational and uplifting.  It was also a cry-fest.  I cried for an hour and a half straight.  One thing they mentioned over and over again is that they pray that Jace’s life will continue to “heal” others…  that his life will continue to count for something.  I know that for me, it has made me hug my children a little tighter, be patient a little more often, and thank God a little more deeply.

I’m not gonna lie, there are days that I wonder if I’m gonna make it until 5:28 pm when Robin gets home!  The kids seem to fall apart in the late afternoon.  I look around the house and wonder why it looks like a tornado came through, how I managed to get not one thing accomplished on my to-do list, and why my kids seem to need me so greatly at the hour I’m trying to fix dinner. 

BUT… this week has changed my perspective.  I Praise God that I have two healthy kids.  I Praise God that I’m their mommy.  And I am learning to love every moment, even if it’s not my favorite.

Today after the cry-fest at the funeral I came home to my kiddos.  After being extremely ornery for about 2 hours, Emma came and sat in my lap in my favorite rocking chair that I just acquired from my mom.   As Emma sat in my lap I whispered to Emma, “Emma, what was your favorite part of today?”  I fully expected her to say, “Watching Finding Nemo,” or “Eating Chick-Fil-A” but instead she said, “Being With You Mommy.”  WOH, melt my heart.  And the truth is, I think she meant it.  I yelled to Robin to please grab the camera.  Make-up or no make-up, swollen eyes and all, I wanted to remember this moment. 

Our kids are so precious.  We are not promised one more day with them.  We must learn to cherish every day we have.




Bath Time

Emma has been begging to take a bath with her baby brother Foster…  So we gave it a shot last week and they both loved it!  They splished and splashed to their hearts’ content.  It was really precious to watch them interact with each other. 



A Surreal Moving Day

A day I never thought would come finally came on Saturday.  My mom moved from my childhood home… the place I came home to after I was born, the place that I learned to walk, the place that I became blood sisters with my best friend Sarah, the place where I built a fort in the field behind our house, the place where my dad and I planted a garden in the backyard, the place where I had many great mother-daughter talks with my mom, the place where I spent hours practicing the piano, and the list could go on forever… 31 and a half years of memories for me to be exact.  Even my own kids have made memories in that house.



While I’m sadder than I can put into words to see that house go, it was the right decision for my mom.  The house is way too big for one person!  My mom moved to an adorable new house that is half the size. 

The move went so well, we were so blessed.

All day I kept thinking, “Man, is Mom making the right decision?”  “What would dad think about all of this?”  And then God gave us a sign… we walked out of mom’s new house after moving the first load of stuff and saw the biggest, most beautiful rainbow in the sky.  We all just kind of looked at each other with our mouths wide open.  Mom said, “Thank you God.”  My dad’s favorite song was “The Rainbow Connection.”  We danced to it at my wedding.  Wow, goose bumps, that’s all I can say.  Unfortunately, I waited too long to capture a great picture of the rainbow, but here is what I got.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.


Youth Group Reunion #2

In a post back in November, I talked about a reunion with my youth group buddies from back in the day.  Luckily, we had another opportunity to get together last week because Megan was in Oklahoma for a wedding.  When we all get together we have SO much fun… just like the good ‘ol days.  These are the type of friends that can just “pick up right where we left off.”

I shared with them when we got together last week that a they are a huge part of my testimony… I truly feel that each of them had a great influence on my life.  If I had not had them throughout high school, my path could have been so different… I’m glad it wasn’t different.  Every week, my relationship with Christ grew.  Every week, I looked forward to seeing these people on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and many days in between.  We truly were “Iron sharpening iron.” 

I pray that my kiddos both find a group of friends that they can grow with.

Our reunion last week took place at my house.  The adults hung out and talked while the kiddos had free reign and entertained themselves for 4 hours.  They became friends instantly which was really neat to watch. 

Most of the crew: Shannon, Jill, Carrie (with Shannon’s son Luke), Lorrie (with her new baby girl Whitley), and Megan


Foster loved Megan instantly:IMG_9960

Addy and Emma:IMG_9964

Addy, Emma, and Luke having a campout in the playroom- man they turned that room upside down!IMG_9968

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Last Saturday night our Connect Group from church met up at the new ONEOK Field for a Driller’s Baseball game.  Ironically, I did not see ONE SINGLE SECOND of the baseball game.  What were we thinking?  We had about 11 kids ages 5 and under with us.  We spent most of our night chasing them!  We truly did have a great time though.  We sat in the outfield on the grass- what a great set-up for families with young children.  The kids could run and play and there is even a great playground for them to enjoy.  This was both Emma and Foster’s first baseball games and I’m sure we’ll be back for more this summer. 

Foster’s first baseball game- he chilled out in daddy’s lap most of the game:IMG_9888

Emma’s first baseball game- she kept calling it basketball, close enough! IMG_9909

Katelyn and Emma (Katelyn is 5 and Emma really looks up to her!)IMG_9911

Climbing on the playground:IMG_9917_1

I love the following pictures… the girls were laying on a blanket trying to cool off after playing really hard on the playground.  These pictures just scream “Summertime” and “Friendship” to me.  Emma and Aubrey love each other so much and I love that they are all sweaty and red in the face in these pictures.

IMG_9919_1 IMG_9920



Emma and Aubrey black and white

Emma, Aubrey, Katelyn, and Karter:IMG_9935

Checking out the game with Katelyn and her daddy:IMG_9948


Princess Party

Precious Little Snow White:IMG_9915edit

Emma was so excited to be invited to her friend Kennedi’s 3rd Birthday Party where a REAL LIVE PRINCESS, a.k.a Cinderella, made an appearance.  Just recently, Emma has become very interested in princesses.  She loves the movies Cinderella and Snow White and she recently picked out a princess watch as a special treat from Mommy (notice purple watch in these pictures.)  The above picture is Emma right after arriving at the party- we were the first guests to arrive which gave us some private time to snap a picture with the Birthday girl… picture below.

Kennedi (Birthday girl) and Emma:IMG_9913

Berkley, Kennedi, and Emma IMG_9925

Right after Cinderella arrived- the girls were SO excited to see herIMG_9928

Looking at Cinderella’s treasures in her treasure box:IMG_9964

Going on a treasure hunt…IMG_9955


Emma watching Berkley’s makeover… she is REALLY checking this out to make sure she’s ok with having it done to herself!IMG_9974

This is the face she made when Cinderella asked her to rub her lipstick togetherIMG_9989

Eye shadow:IMG_9981


Looking at her makeup in the mirror:edit

 … and what would a Princess makeover be without fairy dust?IMG_9990edit

Emma had a wonderful time at the Birthday party and has talked about it for several days.  The other guest that I brought along was Foster, and he was not quite as pleasant at the party.  He came along because Robin and the men in our family were helping my mom with several moving tasks that morning so Foster was stuck coming to the Princess Party.  He cried most of the party.  I think it was because he was tired and couldn’t get comfortable in my arms or in his car seat.  Robin thinks Foster was upset because he knew he was in a room full of girly girls and wanted OUT! :)  Sorry bud, we’ll try to find an alternate hangout for you next time!


Good Buds

We’ve been spending lots of time with Emma’s good friend, Emily, this summer.  Emma loves to go to her house to play in her baby pool, sprinkler, and trampoline.  The only bummer about going to Emily’s house is LEAVING… it’s a struggle every time we go. :(

Here are a few cute pictures of this adorable duo.




Memorial Day

For the last 4 years, my family has established a tradition of visiting my dad’s grave and then going to a park to have a family picnic.  It’s a great way to memorialize my dad and then spend some fun family time together, cherishing every minute we have together- which is what my dad would want us to do. 

This was Foster’s first trip to the cemetery, and Emma’s 4th trip.  Obviously, I know she doesn’t truly understand who we are visiting or why.  But I do think she understands the importance of the day, and the importance of family.  Here is a picture of the kiddos with the flowers- I put some pictures of my kids on my dad’s gravesite… he sure would have loved to meet them in person.



Then it was off to the park… Emma LOVES to swing- can you tell?IMG_9786

This was Foster’s first time in an outdoor swing… I LOVE this picture.  What a serious face!IMG_9794 

After some tickles and smiles from Mommy, Foster finally started to enjoy the swingIMG_9811




Foster and Aunt Judy… he loves her!IMG_9834

Ready to slideIMG_9850edit


On the teeter-totter with Nana IMG_9862

It was another wonderful Memorial Day- celebrating my Dad, and celebrating his GrandchildrenIMG_9885edit