A Surreal Moving Day

A day I never thought would come finally came on Saturday.  My mom moved from my childhood home… the place I came home to after I was born, the place that I learned to walk, the place that I became blood sisters with my best friend Sarah, the place where I built a fort in the field behind our house, the place where my dad and I planted a garden in the backyard, the place where I had many great mother-daughter talks with my mom, the place where I spent hours practicing the piano, and the list could go on forever… 31 and a half years of memories for me to be exact.  Even my own kids have made memories in that house.



While I’m sadder than I can put into words to see that house go, it was the right decision for my mom.  The house is way too big for one person!  My mom moved to an adorable new house that is half the size. 

The move went so well, we were so blessed.

All day I kept thinking, “Man, is Mom making the right decision?”  “What would dad think about all of this?”  And then God gave us a sign… we walked out of mom’s new house after moving the first load of stuff and saw the biggest, most beautiful rainbow in the sky.  We all just kind of looked at each other with our mouths wide open.  Mom said, “Thank you God.”  My dad’s favorite song was “The Rainbow Connection.”  We danced to it at my wedding.  Wow, goose bumps, that’s all I can say.  Unfortunately, I waited too long to capture a great picture of the rainbow, but here is what I got.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.


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