“Carrots and Peas”

Emma got to go to her first real camp at church this past week.  The camp is called Pre-SMAK (Summer Music Activity for Kids) for 3-5 year olds.  Emma absolutely loved it!  She was in a class with 14 other 3 year olds.  I was just down the hall teaching children that had completed Kindergarten.  All of the age groups learned the same songs from a short musical called “The Thank You Meal.”  Each day the kids learned the 7 songs in the program, played musical instruments, learned basic music theory, did a craft, and had a snack.  I was amazed by how much Emma learned!  We listened the CD in our car and she still begs to sing the songs each time we get in the car.  Her favorite song was “Carrots and Peas,” thus the title of this blog post!  On Wednesday evening the kids had the opportunity to show their parents what they learned.

Emma and Mommy on Wednesday Evening after the Performance:IMG_0088

The next few pictures were taken by one of her teachers, Miss Candace, throughout the week:

Emma and Mackenzie… they have been in the same Sunday School class since they were about 6-9 months old, but they connected on a whole new level during Pre-Smak!

One of the rooms during the performance… Emma is seated in front of me:IMG_9996

Chef Emma:IMG_9993









And here is a short video montage of a few of the songs they sang on Wednesday night.   Emma knew the words to every song but was extremely over-stimulated during the performance and spent most  of the time watching the other kiddos.  I love the part where the kids are supposed to be tapping the beat with their rhythm sticks but Emma and MacKenzie are pretending to play the violin!!!

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