Memorial Day

For the last 4 years, my family has established a tradition of visiting my dad’s grave and then going to a park to have a family picnic.  It’s a great way to memorialize my dad and then spend some fun family time together, cherishing every minute we have together- which is what my dad would want us to do. 

This was Foster’s first trip to the cemetery, and Emma’s 4th trip.  Obviously, I know she doesn’t truly understand who we are visiting or why.  But I do think she understands the importance of the day, and the importance of family.  Here is a picture of the kiddos with the flowers- I put some pictures of my kids on my dad’s gravesite… he sure would have loved to meet them in person.



Then it was off to the park… Emma LOVES to swing- can you tell?IMG_9786

This was Foster’s first time in an outdoor swing… I LOVE this picture.  What a serious face!IMG_9794 

After some tickles and smiles from Mommy, Foster finally started to enjoy the swingIMG_9811




Foster and Aunt Judy… he loves her!IMG_9834

Ready to slideIMG_9850edit


On the teeter-totter with Nana IMG_9862

It was another wonderful Memorial Day- celebrating my Dad, and celebrating his GrandchildrenIMG_9885edit

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