Princess Party

Precious Little Snow White:IMG_9915edit

Emma was so excited to be invited to her friend Kennedi’s 3rd Birthday Party where a REAL LIVE PRINCESS, a.k.a Cinderella, made an appearance.  Just recently, Emma has become very interested in princesses.  She loves the movies Cinderella and Snow White and she recently picked out a princess watch as a special treat from Mommy (notice purple watch in these pictures.)  The above picture is Emma right after arriving at the party- we were the first guests to arrive which gave us some private time to snap a picture with the Birthday girl… picture below.

Kennedi (Birthday girl) and Emma:IMG_9913

Berkley, Kennedi, and Emma IMG_9925

Right after Cinderella arrived- the girls were SO excited to see herIMG_9928

Looking at Cinderella’s treasures in her treasure box:IMG_9964

Going on a treasure hunt…IMG_9955


Emma watching Berkley’s makeover… she is REALLY checking this out to make sure she’s ok with having it done to herself!IMG_9974

This is the face she made when Cinderella asked her to rub her lipstick togetherIMG_9989

Eye shadow:IMG_9981


Looking at her makeup in the mirror:edit

 … and what would a Princess makeover be without fairy dust?IMG_9990edit

Emma had a wonderful time at the Birthday party and has talked about it for several days.  The other guest that I brought along was Foster, and he was not quite as pleasant at the party.  He came along because Robin and the men in our family were helping my mom with several moving tasks that morning so Foster was stuck coming to the Princess Party.  He cried most of the party.  I think it was because he was tired and couldn’t get comfortable in my arms or in his car seat.  Robin thinks Foster was upset because he knew he was in a room full of girly girls and wanted OUT! :)  Sorry bud, we’ll try to find an alternate hangout for you next time!


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