Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Last Saturday night our Connect Group from church met up at the new ONEOK Field for a Driller’s Baseball game.  Ironically, I did not see ONE SINGLE SECOND of the baseball game.  What were we thinking?  We had about 11 kids ages 5 and under with us.  We spent most of our night chasing them!  We truly did have a great time though.  We sat in the outfield on the grass- what a great set-up for families with young children.  The kids could run and play and there is even a great playground for them to enjoy.  This was both Emma and Foster’s first baseball games and I’m sure we’ll be back for more this summer. 

Foster’s first baseball game- he chilled out in daddy’s lap most of the game:IMG_9888

Emma’s first baseball game- she kept calling it basketball, close enough! IMG_9909

Katelyn and Emma (Katelyn is 5 and Emma really looks up to her!)IMG_9911

Climbing on the playground:IMG_9917_1

I love the following pictures… the girls were laying on a blanket trying to cool off after playing really hard on the playground.  These pictures just scream “Summertime” and “Friendship” to me.  Emma and Aubrey love each other so much and I love that they are all sweaty and red in the face in these pictures.

IMG_9919_1 IMG_9920



Emma and Aubrey black and white

Emma, Aubrey, Katelyn, and Karter:IMG_9935

Checking out the game with Katelyn and her daddy:IMG_9948


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