Youth Group Reunion #2

In a post back in November, I talked about a reunion with my youth group buddies from back in the day.  Luckily, we had another opportunity to get together last week because Megan was in Oklahoma for a wedding.  When we all get together we have SO much fun… just like the good ‘ol days.  These are the type of friends that can just “pick up right where we left off.”

I shared with them when we got together last week that a they are a huge part of my testimony… I truly feel that each of them had a great influence on my life.  If I had not had them throughout high school, my path could have been so different… I’m glad it wasn’t different.  Every week, my relationship with Christ grew.  Every week, I looked forward to seeing these people on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and many days in between.  We truly were “Iron sharpening iron.” 

I pray that my kiddos both find a group of friends that they can grow with.

Our reunion last week took place at my house.  The adults hung out and talked while the kiddos had free reign and entertained themselves for 4 hours.  They became friends instantly which was really neat to watch. 

Most of the crew: Shannon, Jill, Carrie (with Shannon’s son Luke), Lorrie (with her new baby girl Whitley), and Megan


Foster loved Megan instantly:IMG_9960

Addy and Emma:IMG_9964

Addy, Emma, and Luke having a campout in the playroom- man they turned that room upside down!IMG_9968

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