5 Days of Rest and Relaxation

We decided late this Spring that we wanted to take a vacation somewhere to celebrate the 10 awesome years we’ve shared so far.  We debated long and hard about if it would be ok to leave both kiddos, especially Foster since he’s still so young.  BUT, we knew that our kids would do great with Robin’s parents and they agreed without hesitation.  Emma was very excited to get to go to “Camp Gigi and Pops.”

We went to a resort called The Excellence Playa Mujeres which is just about 10 miles outside of Cancun in a newer area of Cancun.  It was so perfect.  It is a Couples-Only All-Inclusive resort.  The food was amazing.  The pools were amazing.  The time with my husband was priceless.

Here are some pictures from our 5 days of R & R!

This picture cracks me up- this is a self-portrait we took on the plane on the way TO Cancun.  Look at the bags under our eyes- we were so tired prior to Vacation!IMG_0483

This is just one of the many amazing pool areas- our room was up to the right on the 1st floor:IMG_0484 

Our room:IMG_0535

Ok, so the worst part of the trip was that I left my camera (my NICE, EXPENSIVE camera) on the shuttle on the way from the airport to the resort.  I realized it 5 minutes after the driver drove away.  I was sick- I thought we’d never see it again.  It was quite an ordeal to get it back, but after 4 phone calls using the hotel concierge as a translator an honest shuttle drive named “Abe” drove our camera to us on the 3rd day of our trip!!!  I hugged him and he thought I was crazy.  SO, for the first 2 full days of our trip, the only pictures we took were with our iphones and a disposable waterproof camera- not fabulous quality.  I am just SO thankful to have our real camera back.

Ok, so the one “activity” I wanted to do besides lay by the pool and sleep was parasail!  I had never done it before and it looked really fun to me.  We signed up for a ride on the first afternoon we were there.  Now, I’m not sure this is the typical form parasailing- were weren’t hanging/strapped in- we sat in a little boat underneath the parachute.  I was so glad we could ride together- especially since Robin was so scared (seriously- he’s scared of heights.)

This is a picture I took of some other people parasailing so you can get an idea what it looked like:IMG_0716

very blurry picture taken by the boat driver before we took off:67650002edit

in the air- love Robin’s face:


Our view from the ride- I love Robin’s death grip!:67650014edit


Dinner on the 2nd night at “The Lobster House”:Cancun 001

Cancun 004

 Cancun 003

Picture taken on our balcony:IMG_0526

  One our 2nd full day we went on a waverunner ride, it was SO fun!  We decided that it was much safer for Robin to drive. 67650017edit 

Robin being silly outside of “Agave”, our restaurant for dinner on the 3rd night:IMG_0548


Robin trying squid:IMG_0590



Robin enjoyed the free wi-fi in the resort a lot, here he is checking out his iphone:IMG_0634

It rained for about an hour on the last full day we were there- we took advantage of this time to be the ONLY people at the main pool!  Then we had the best spot poolside when the sun came out!Cancun 007 

Every day at noon, they hand out exactly 30 of these adorable monkey pineapple drinks.  We were too late on Wednesday- we were the 33rd and 34th people in line.  We were sure make it to the FRONT of the line on Thursday. 

Here is our much anticipated monkey pineapple.IMG_0690

Here is the man wheeling the monkey pineapples out- they put the cherries on for the eyes right before handing them out.  There was a “security” officer with the cart of pineapples- I’m not even kidding. :)





I did water aerobics in the pool one day- it was so much fun! (I’m on the far left)


Lunch at “The Grill”IMG_0714

  We went on a small catamaran ride  (like the red yellow blue boats pictured here) on our last full day there- it was so beautiful:IMG_0675

Jill on the boat:67650021edit 

Robin on the boat- seeing the shipwreck- it’s been there for 7 years- it’s very scary looking, isn’t it?67650022edit

Before dinner on our last night: IMG_0764


Our chef for dinner at the Hibachi steakhouse, “Spice”IMG_0781 


The entertainment on the last night was by far my favorite.  They had a Michael Jackson impersonator that really could have been him- he was SO talented.  The show was non-stop entertainment.  I wish we had gotten there earlier for better seats.  This is taken from pretty far away.


On our way out of the resort on the last day- we were so sad to leave this beautiful paradise but very excited to see our kids!IMG_0845

One of our favorite waiters, Oscar, asked us how long the plane ride was to get there.  We told him 2 and a half hours.  He said, “Ah, that’s no big deal- we’ll see you again next weekend!”  Man, I wish that could be true.

Thank you Robin for an amazing week.  I loved spending quality time with you, laughing with you, relaxing with you, and enjoying one another. 

Pops and Gigi, Tommy, and Crystal- thank you SO much for taking such good care of our kids. We can not thank you enough.

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