A Good Visit with Friends

The day before Robin and I left for Cancun, we got to spend an afternoon with our good friends, The Kreys, who drove from Waco to hang out with us at Robin’s parents’ house in Arlington.

Oliver and Elliott turn 4 years old this week and they are more handsome than ever.  Emma loves seeing them- even if she doesn’t completely act like it when she’s with them!  She refused to take a posed picture with the two boys. 

Watching “Veggie Tales”:IMG_0402

I wish this picture wasn’t blurry but I had to include a picture of Foster and Conner:IMG_0431

Kathy and Oliver:IMG_0438

Fun game where the kids dove onto the ottoman then did an additional dive off of the ottoman onto the floor!IMG_0443

The boys showing Robin their muscles!!!IMG_0465

Emma saying goodbye to the boys:IMG_0479

One thought on “A Good Visit with Friends

  1. Ah! Such cute pictures. I do love the one of the boys showing off their muscles. :) So fun to watch our kiddos grow up together. Love you all.

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