A Wet 4th of July

Whew, what a BUSY 4th of July holiday we had and I loved every minute of it!  In all, I think we had 3 celebrations.  

The weekend began on Saturday night with a very fun celebration with our good friends, the Webbs and Ha’s.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a single picture from the night because things were kind of wild.  (Ok, so I do have a picture taken with my iphone, see below.)  We went to The Oaks Country Club for an awesome dinner and fireworks display.  Only problem- RAIN!  It rained the entire night.  So a dinner that should have been outside (you know, where kids are free to run and play) was moved inside.  We had 5 little kids and 6 adults around a round dinner table (complete with white tablecloth) and let’s just say that we made some definite memories!  One thing I learned that night was that 3 year old little girls LOVE to go to the bathroom together… and talk to each other under the stalls… and give a play-by-play about their bathroom happenings. “Aubrey, I’m wiping now, are you?  Did you go just pee pee or poo poo too?’”  Nice.  At a COUNTRY CLUB! The night ended with a beautiful fireworks display.  Some of us watched it outside underneath umbrellas, some of our group stayed inside and watched out the window, some watched it from the tailgate of their car.  Emma buried her head on Robin’s chest- the noise from the fireworks really bothered her so she didn’t get to see many of the fireworks but on our drive home she asked when she would get to see more fireworks and we told her… tomorrow night!


On the actual 4th on Sunday evening we went to a Driller’s baseball game with my family.  Robin, Emma, Foster, Judy, Nana, Uncle Brandon, and myself all tried to cram onto one blanket on the outfield lawn.  Foster has been learning to crawl this week so he was very interested in crawling all over the blanket, onto the grass, etc. 


This is the 2nd time I’ve been to a Driller’s game at the new stadium and the 2nd time I have not watched a single minute of the game!  Emma was very spoiled by Aunt Judy.  They made many trips to the bathroom, got an ice cream sundae in a Driller’s baseball cap, and ate some cracker jacks.  Somewhere about the 4th inning it started to rain and it rained off and on for the remainder of the evening.  We were drenched, but again, making memories!  We endured the rain and got to see the fireworks display after the game.  Emma tried to watch more of the fireworks this time- she peeked underneath her hands but again buried her chest on her daddy for most of the show. 



See the rain clouds moving in??IMG_0266

Foster taking cover…IMG_0272


Emma and Uncle Brandon sharing the ice cream sundae from Aunt Judy.IMG_0287

Monday we went to our friends house for a picnic before mommy had to go to work at 3:00.

It was a wonderful weekend but next year I would prefer a DRY 4th of July weekend!

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