If the Clothes Fit…

I couldn’t resist posting these 2 pictures.  We were at some friends’ house a couple of weeks ago and we had an “incident” where Emma required a change of clothes.  We did not bring a change of clothes for Emma… but we DID have Foster’s pajamas in his diaper bag.  They were 6-12 month shorts and a 6-12 month shirt.  We decided to give them a try on Emma and they fit pretty well!  Don’t worry, we went straight home but at least now we know that Foster (our 7 month old) and Emma our (3 1/2 year old) can share clothes.  I think that Emma only outweighs Foster by about 7 or 8 pounds. :)



2 thoughts on “If the Clothes Fit…

  1. that is cracking me up!! sweet little petite emma!! my boys are gigantic and i love every roll :). miss you, friend!!

  2. Sounds just like Kate and Maggie! At Kate’s 4 yr. check up she weighed 29.6 lbs. and I’m quite certain that Maggie will be pretty darn close to that at her 2 yr. appt. in August!:)

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