Swimming Lessons


Emma just completed 2 weeks of swim lessons at Miller Swim School.  She was kind of apprehensive on her first day but by the end of the 2nd week she was putting her head under water, jumping off of the diving board (while holding the teacher’s hand) and really progressing on her “reaches and pulls” and “motorboat kicks.”  There were 5 kids in her class and she really loved getting to know each of them.  She REALLY loved her teacher, Miss Samantha.  Robin and I loved sitting in the parent viewing room and watching her turn and smile at us every 30 seconds.  She loved knowing that we were right there watching her.  The funniest story from the week happened on the first night.  Robin and I saw the teacher ask each of the kids their name and we thought the teacher mouthed, “Katherine” when Emma said her name.  When one of the Miller staff members came to each class to confirm the roll she asked if Emma was there and Miss Samantha said, “No, we don’t have an Emma.”  After class we told Miss Samantha that Emma’s name was indeed Emma and she said, “She told me her name was Katherine.”  When we got in the car we asked Emma what she told the teacher her name was and she said “Katherine Curry” (Katherine is her middle name by the way.)  She said that’s the name she wanted to go by now.  However, by the next morning she had apparently forgotten about this.  She is a funny girl. 

Practicing blowing bubbles:IMG_0200

Smiling at Mommy and Daddy… so proud:IMG_0214

Practicing kicks on the yellow duck:IMG_0226

With her friends Cookie (on left), and Lennon (on right):IMG_0241

Swimming with the noodle:IMG_0242

Floating on her back- straight as a board:IMG_0299

Swimming with eyes in the water:IMG_0308


Sitting on the mat after class:IMG_0369

Emma and Miss Samantha:IMG_0371

Miss Samantha giving Emma her Completion Card on the last night:IMG_0374

Emma smelling the roses from Aunt Judy- Aunt Judy gave these to her for completing her swim lessons (how sweet!)IMG_0296

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