What did we miss while on vacation?

This sweet girl swimming…IMG_0851edit

And this sweet boy crawling…IMG_0388

Seriously… when we left Emma had just completed swimming lessons and she was still very timid about putting her face in the water.  She still clung to me when we got in the pool.  I think she went swimming in Pops and Gigi’s pool every day that she was there and when we got home she was swimming by herself with a noodle ALL OVER THE POOL!  And she even jumped off the step and swam to Aunt Crystal without a floatie for a short distance.  We were so impressed!  So, thank you Pops, Gigi, Crystal, and Tommy for private swimming lessons. 

And then there’s Foster… before we left he was just learning to crawl.  He would take a few crawls in one direction and the rest.  When we got back he was a crawling machine.  He goes full force from room to room.  We also got a text message from Pops while we were in Cancun that Foster had pulled up in his crib and was standing up!  This was a first for him.  Now he pulls up on everything.

It’s amazing how much little ones change in just 5 days!

When we were reunited with the kids- Emma ran to us from far away and hugged both of our necks.  You could tell she was excited to see us.  Gigi said she asked her one day, “Are Mommy and Daddy coming back?”  (break my heart!!!)  We talked to the kids on skype using the webcam each night that we were away.  It was so good to see their faces.  Emma was kind of sad on the webcam- she got nervous and didn’t know what to say.  Foster just smiled and coo’d. 

We missed Emma and Foster like crazy and were so glad to see them when we got home.

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