Emma’s First Dance Lesson

This summer I began exploring options for an “activity” for Emma to get involved with during the Fall.  This girl has SO much energy and loves to learn new things.  We began talking to her about things like ballet, gymnastics, soccer, and piano.  She immediately expressed an interest in dance.  She has been dancing since she was one- seriously! I enrolled her in a combination ballet/tap class at a dance studio very close to our house- ironically it was started by a girl that I took dance with when I was little. 

As I started to get all of the clothing items ready for ballet/tap, I started thinking to myself, “Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into!!??”  Tap shoes with elastic straps, ballet shoes that fit properly, a black leotard, and pink tights, and a ballet bag- and we haven’t even gotten close to recital time yet!

This weekend my Aunt Judy was over at our house and Emma kept asking Judy to show her ballet- to practice some moves with her so she’d be ready.  They practiced twirling, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th position.  They practiced bar work, and a plea (plee-ay).  It was pretty adorable to watch the excitement in her eyes.

Her first class was this evening.  She was so excited from the time she woke up this morning.  She talked about it all day and completely wore herself out by the time the class started. 

Waiting for class to begin:IMG_1528

Still waiting… can you tell that she is excited?IMG_1529

And here is the class: 11 girls (age 3-4 years) Emma is on the far left, kind of hidden in this picture:IMG_1533

Emma sitting on the left:IMG_1534

After class- the ballet case she is wearing was mine when I was little- my mom kept EVERYTHING!:IMG_1538



We met Daddy at Outback for dinner after dance- it was yummy.  Here she is after dinner:IMG_1548

Mommy and her ballerina:IMG_1551

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