First Day of School

Emma had new student orientation at her school last week but her first “official” day of school was this Tuesday, August 24th.  Her new school is a multi-aged (3, 4, and 5 year olds) Montessori based school and Emma absolutely loves it.  This will be her last year of Preschool before she goes to Pre-Kindergarten. 

She will be going to school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays.  I miss her while she’s gone but I also really cherish the time I have alone with Foster.  Life is so different for the second child, isn’t it?! They just get drug around from activity to activity.  Nap schedules are very challenging!  All in all though, Foster is pretty laid back which is great. 

Here are a couple of pictures from Emma’s first day of school.  Daddy went to work late so that he could go with us on her first day.  She’s so smiley in the first picture… I’m not sure what I said to make her make the face in the 2nd picture! 



IMG_1579 IMG_1586 


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