Foster’s 1st Cranky Car Ride

On our way to and from Arlington for Zane’s 1st Birthday, Foster was less than pleased to be stuck in his carseat for 4 and half hours there and 4 and a half hours back.  This is the first time we’ve been on a road trip that Foster didn’t sleep like a dream baby in the car. 

SO… Mommy rode in the backseat between two car seats and literally tried to entertain Foster the entire trip!  I fed him, made faces, read books, sang, laughed, juggled, etc.  Most of the time, he cried and tried to reach for me.  Daddy had to ride in the backseat for the last hour of the trip while I drove because it was just breaking my heart too much!

I will be happy when we can turn his car seat forward facing because I think that will make things more bearable for him.

Here are a few pictures I took when we stopped at McDonald’s on the trip home to let him out of his car seat for a few minutes- can you see the relief on his face?!




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