Baylor Homecoming 2010


We spent Oct. 22nd-24th in Waco, TX to see our friends The Kreys and celebrate Baylor Homecoming.  We had a really great trip!  We left early Friday morning and got to Waco around 3:00 Friday afternoon.  We hung out at the Kreys all evening on Friday.  It took Emma about an hour and a half to warm up to Elliott and Oliver but by the end of the night they were best buddies just like last time we got together.  The picture above was taken on Friday evening after dinner.  They are enjoying their brownies in the backyard. 

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to Baylor campus for the Homecoming parade.  We weren’t able to come to Homecoming last year because I was 8 months pregnant so the last time Emma came she was almost 2.  The funny thing is that she remembered a lot of it.  She has talked about the big blow up bear for the last 2 years.  This year Kathy helped us save front row seats on the curb so the kids could get a great view of the parade. 

Here are the dads walking to the parade:IMG_3169

We had Shipley’s donut holes at the parade for breakfast- what a yummy treat!  IMG_3227edit

waiting for the parade to start… IMG_3175 

It was a very muggy, humid day and it rained twice during the parade.  This was NOT good for Emma and Mommy’s hair!   By the way, Emma’s adorable shirt was made by my talented friend Terra who makes personalized apparel and gifts.  Please visit her at Tickled Sew Pink if interested in ordering.IMG_3188edit

Foster’s first parade!  He stayed in the stroller for the first half of the parade then demanded to be held.  He loved watching the floats and people go by.  He also loved watching all of the people around us.


Baylor Mascot on a Segway! This cracked me up!IMG_3208

This is the huge blow up bear that Emma remembered from 2 years ago:IMG_3214 

Foster taking it all in from his stroller:IMG_3235

Dr. Pepper Hour in Barfield Drawing Room after the parade.  This was Foster’s very first Dr. Pepper Float and he loved it- does that mean he needs to go to Baylor?IMG_3248

Enjoying Dr. Pepper floats…IMG_3259

Emma and Oliver share a really special bond.  Every since they were babies they seemed to gravitate towards each other.  I think they are probably a lot alike.  They played together the entire weekend and were attached a the hip.  It was very sweet to watch. Here are a few pictures of Emma and Oliver:



Oh my goodness… look at Emma in this picture- she adores him!IMG_3279

Look how close she’s standing to Oliver…IMG_3215

We went to the “Bear Pit” after the parade and the kids got to look at the real live bears.  Kathy was holding Foster and she said he just kept saying “ball”  “ball”  “ball.”  He was unimpressed by the real live black bears, he liked the big green ball. :)


“No more pictures Mommy… do you have a nap planned for me today because I’d like my bed right about now…”IMG_3272

Robin and I look so tired… we were!IMG_3274edit

Thank you SO much to our good friends Conner and Kathy for hosting us. Thank you for letting us invade your home with an almost 4 year old and almost 1 year old.  It was so good getting to hang out with you all and getting to see your boys.  They are adorable.  I’m so thankful that even though we’ve been out of college for over 10 years, we are still able to get together and goof off just like the good ‘ol days.  You all are true friends.  We love you all.

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  1. Ahhh, you’re so kind and say such nice things! We too had a blast with you guys and always look forward to time together. It’s even sweeter now that our kids like each other so much. The boys haven’t stopped talking about you guys and Emma. Oliver told all his friends at school about his special friend, Emma. :)

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