Curry Crew at the Zoo

We started the day Monday by going to the Ft. Worth Zoo.  I had never been to the Fort Worth Zoo but it was awesome- I was so impressed!  And to make the experience even better the weather was just perfect.  Started in the low 70’s in the morning and ended at about 75 degrees.  Foster was not feeling great but he still got to see most of the animals.  This was his very first trip to the zoo!

Here is the whole crew minus myself: (and yes, Robin’s dad is putting bunny ears on him!)IMG_2429edit 

March of the strollers:IMG_2420

Robin, Emma, and Foster:IMG_2432

Lylah, Craig’s and Fallon’s daughter, is adorable.  She made this scrunched up face all weekend:IMG_2435

Emma and Robin checking out the monkeys:IMG_2451


Fallon, Lylah, and Craig (Robin’s brother):IMG_2455edit2

Foster hanging out in the stroller:IMG_2459

Emma still adores her Uncle Tommy.  Here they are checking out the Zebras:IMG_2464

Foster and Pops looking at the giraffes:IMG_2477

Ahhhhh, he LOVES his Daddy:IMG_2497edit

Ahhh, how sweet!  Zane loves his Daddy too!IMG_2529edit

Lylah and Gigi (and some crazy shadows on their faces!)IMG_2505edit

Zane, Tommy, and Crystal (Robin’s sister.):IMG_2511edit

Mommy and Foster:IMG_2523

Tommy helping Foster see some animals, lions I think!:IMG_2599

Craig and Lylah, Tommy and Foster:IMG_2577

Emma has told everyone that her favorite animals at the Zoo were the penguins.  Here they are!  IMG_2609

Lylah, Fallon, and Emma.  Emma was attached to Fallon’s hip at the zoo.  She LOVES her!IMG_2539 

Emma and Fallon:IMG_2508

Emma and Fallon petting the cow at the petting zoo:IMG_2614

Lylah and Craig:IMG_2619

Lylah and Robin:IMG_2622 

Fallon and Emma petting a real snake!IMG_2629

Foster at the end of the day:IMG_2624

Lylah asleep on Pops:IMG_2623

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